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Power Records, Thermal Imaging Fair Game in Marijuana Grow Case

Warning: Defending hydroponic “gardeners’ in the Eighth Circuit just got harder.

In 2008, Nebraska police officers visited David McIntyre’s home to inquire about a trailer McIntyre purchased from a person of interest in a missing person case. Based on the smell of raw marijuana in his home and McIntyre’s past drug-related arrests, the officers requested a county attorney’s subpoena for McIntyre’s power records; the records indicated that McIntyre used more energy than his neighbors.

Will Eighth Circuit Decision Fumble NFL Season?

NFL labor talks continued this week, following a July 8 opinion from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the Norris-LaGuardia Act prevents courts from blocking lockouts.

The controversy started on March 11, when a collective bargaining agreement between the National Football League and a union representing professional football players expired. The League had indicated that if a new agreement was not reached before the expiration date, then it would implement a player lockout.

The players, aware of the League's strategy, opted to terminate the union's status as their collective bargaining agent as of 4:00 p.m. on March 11, just before the agreement expired.