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February 2016 Archives

Man Escapes Prison for 180 Months Because of Hair Splitting Interpretation

Bralen Lamar Jordan should consider himself lucky. His case was recently remanded back to the lower federal court to be ruled in favor after he convinced the Eighth Circuit that his convictions for domestic battery and aggravated assault were not violent felonies.

How did he do it? Look at the plain language of the law.

8th Cir. Refuses to Vacate Denial of Disability Benefits to Low IQ Woman

The Eighth Circuit affirmed the findings of the a lower district court: a woman with a tested IQ of only 57.

In the opinion of the court, Karen Ash did not qualify for social security benefits because she was still able to live a relatively average life, thus allowing the district court to affirm the ruling "substantially on the record."

Gaming Company on the Hook for $5M to NIGC, 8th Cir. Rules

The Eighth Circuit backed up a lower court decision in finding that Bettor Racing, Inc. had operated its business in violation of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and that it was rightfully ordered to pay up $5 million in fines.

If only they'd agree to an earlier offer to make this go away for for $4.5 million ...