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Court Revives Vioxx Drug Case

After Merck took Vioxx off the market in 2004, Jo Levitt sued the company for her cardiovascular injuries.

That was in September 2006; she had been taking the pain reliever for seven years. In Levitt v. Merck & Company, Inc., a trial judge said she waited too long.

However, the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed. A majority panel said her claims were not barred under Missouri's statute of limitations.

Dog lovers out there that get unreasonably outraged when bad things happen to good dogs and the court just doesn't seem to understand, might be happier looking at my dog's Instagram than reading this. (She's a good dog).

Mister was surely a good dog. His story is really sad. He sat in the backseat and watched his human get car-jacked. Then, he rode in the backseat until the car was crashed. And the saddest part, Mister died in the crash. Another person was injured too. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals apparently has no compassion and stripped the dog's owner of the restitution award issued by the lower court.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul archdiocese was recently rocked by a massive sexual abuse scandal involving hundreds of claims. The scandal led to a class action lawsuit including over 400 class members. That case settled for $210 million.

However, after the case was filed, the archdiocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which meant that the $210 million settlement would need to be approved by the bankruptcy court. Fortunately, after a near unanimous vote of 400 of the sexual abuse survivors approved it, the bankruptcy court approved the archdiocese's reorganization plan, which would provide a payout to each of the survivors.

Court Approves Remington Trigger Settlement -- Finally

The Remington class-action settlement over defective rifle triggers probably took longer to hammer out than it took to make the rifles.

Four years after the original settlement, a federal appeals court finally approved a fourth version of the agreement in Pollard v. Remington Arms Company. The U.S. Eighth Circuit affirmed the deal making some gun owners eligible for trigger replacements and others for a $12 voucher.

The main settlement terms were not the problem; it was the notice to about 7.5 million gun owners. Their response was well short of the mark.

Backpage.com has certainly faced quite a bit of public controversy over the past few years, given the website's popularity for online advertisements for prostitution.

In the company's most recent effort to dodge legal trouble and controversy, it is appealing the order to turn over years of both operational and editorial data. The Missouri state attorney general seeking the information believes that there is some evidence that Backpage "played a direct and active role in creation, soliciting, and promoting advertisements for illegal commercial sex on its website."

Missouri Appeals Court Affirms $16.7M Verdict in Opioid Case

Opioids -- pain relievers derived from synthetic forms of opium -- are everywhere.

From the president to the pusher, everybody seems to be talking about opioids. By all accounts, there is an "opioid epidemic."

And that was a problem in a case against a doctor and hospital accused of over-prescribing the drug. The defendants appealed a $16.7 million verdict, saying the judge allowed jurors to hear too much about the epidemic.

In June 2017, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the $11 million judgment against Toyota stemming from an unintended acceleration case that left three people dead, and put the driver behind bars for over two years. Toyota requested reconsideration of the matter, and a month later, in August 2017, the Eighth Circuit upheld the judgment against them once again.

The big issue that Toyota sought reconsideration on, apart from the size of the judgment, involved the evidence of "other similar incidents." In the case, testimony from three other individuals, unrelated to the accident in the present case, described situations where their Toyota Camrys (of the same model year) suffered the unintended acceleration problem alleged to have caused the accident in the present case.

No Luck for Man Wrongfully Listed on Sex Registry

Once a registered sex offender, always a registered sex offender -- even if the offender was wrongfully listed on the sex offender registry.

That's a hard-edge reading of a federal appeals court decision in Roe v. State of Nebraska. The plaintiff sued the state for negligently listing him on the registry, but a trial court dismissed the case as untimely.

"We conclude that even if Roe's pleading was sufficient to state a claim of negligence against the defendants, his claim is barred by the two-year statute of limitations of the Nebraska State Tort Claims Act," said the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

8th Circuit Affirms Denial of SSDI Benefits for Injured Vet

The Eighth Circuit affirmed an administrative court's ruling of denial of SSI benefits for injuries a soldier sustained while in combat in Iraq. The issue at hand involved whether or not the petitioning soldier was injured enough to be eligible.

The outcome of this review should be used as a means to warn injured plaintiffs to follow a medical regimen with painstaking care.

Repeat Offender Egg Seller Gets Jail Time for Filthy Practices

Jack DeCoster and his son Peter will serve three months in jail and be fined $100,000 each for having violated food safety regulations.

Among the facts that have horrified interested parties include a salmonella contamination reading of 3,900 percent higher than the national average, as well as dead rodents decaying in the laying area. Hungry, anyone?