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Agro Dutch Indus. Ltd. v. US, No. 09-1127

Judgment of the Court of International Trade ordering the re-liquidation of imported entries of preserved mushrooms from India by plaintiff is affirmed where: 1) although the Zenith rule ordinarily renders moot court actions in which liquidation has already occurred, there are exceptions to that general rule as in this case where steps are required to enforce a valid injunction; and 2) here, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in amending the judgment to effect the parties' intent to prevent liquidation and allow adjudication of the merits of the dispute. 

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Appellate Information

Appeal from:  United States Court of International Trade

Decided December 15, 2009


Before Rader, Bryson, and Linn,  Circuit Judges

Opinion by Bryson, Circuit Judge


For Appellant:   N/A

For Appellee:    Richard P. Schroeder, U.S. Department of Justice