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June 2012 Archives

Court Goes Over 3-Step Patent Recapture Rule Analysis

Attention patent practitioners! The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals recently came out with a decision that explains the court's Recapture Rule review process in three easy steps.

The case, In re. Youman, came out in May. Nevertheless, having stumbled on a brilliant analysis of the case in Thomson Reuters News & Insight, we figured this case was highly relevant to Federal Circuit practitioners. So we're bringing the basics of the case home.

Apple Samsung Lawsuit Headed Back to Federal Circuit

The latest Apple-Samsung decision came out of a district court in California, but it only seemed fair that we bring you the news on it since we’ve been covering the Apple-Samsung lawsuit in the Federal Circuit.

It also looks like the case will be heading back to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals; Samsung has already filed a notice of intent to appeal.

Court, not Jury, Should Decide on Willful Infringement

If most lawyers can’t understand a patent case, then what are we to expect from jurors?

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a new decision, which essentially places the decision making power back in the hands of the judge in patent cases.

Fed Circuit Judges Attend Historic Intellectual Conference in China

The adjudication of intellectual property issues is increasingly complex, thanks to globalization. So it’s high time that the judicial minds came together to discuss the issues.

That’s what led to a three-day conference in Beijing from May 28 to 30. The United States-China Intellectual Property Adjudication Conference was held at Renmin University in Beijing and had over 1,200 attendees, including business leaders, government officials and jurists.

Fed. Circ. Remands Son-of-Boss Tax Sham Case

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals came down with a ruling on a Son-of-Boss case.

Before we get into the details of what a “Son-of-Boss” case really means, let’s talk a bit about the court’s ruling.

Review: 2012 Judicial Conference Session on International Trade

If you missed the Federal Circuit Court of Appeal’s Judicial Conference this year, you can still benefit from it.

The Federal Circuit has posted information on the Conference online. You can look through the agenda of the 2012 Judicial Conference as well as download some reading material from the breakout sessions.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll break down the conference by practice area and bring you the information you need. The breakout sessions covered four key Federal Circuit practice groups: International Trade, the Court of Federal Claims, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board.

Today’s practice area is International Trade.

Sanofi's Merial Wins Injunction Contempt Suit Against Cipla

The Federal Circuit Court of Appealshas affirmed a District Court ruling that a pet drug violated a patent held by a Sanofi subsidiary, and that an India-based company was in contempt for violating an earlier injunction regarding the patent dispute.

The drug, PetArmor Plus, was found to be in infringement of a patent currently held by Sanofi’s Merial unit. PetArmor Plus is a preventative drug used on dogs and cats to deal with fleas and ticks. The patent issue dealt with the composition of the drug, which Merial claimed to have developed and marketed under the name “Frontline.”