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July 2012 Archives

Court Focuses Narrowly on Claim Terminology in LogMeIn Patent Case

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals remanded a patent infringement case back to the district court on Tuesday morning, finding that the district court didn’t fully understand a claim term in the underlying patent.

The case was brought by a company called 01 Communique Laboratory Inc against LogMeIn Inc, reports Reuters.

Kodak Wins One, Loses One, in Patent Case Against Apple

Kodak has been fighting against Apple in and out of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals this past week. On Monday, the Federal Circuit issued a two-page opinion that upheld the International Trade Commission’s ruling that Kodak was not infringing on Apple’s patents for making digital cameras and related software, reports Reuters.

In a related but separate ruling, however, the International Trade Commission ruled against Kodak last week on the validity of a patent to preview digital images on cellphone cameras, reports Courthouse News Service.

Breakdown of Oral Arguments in Myriad Gene Patent Case

Last week, we mentioned that oral arguments were held in the Myriad Genetics case (a.k.a. Association of Molecular Pathology v. USPTO).

Today, we’ll bring you a brief summary of the oral arguments in that case.

Court Hears Oral Arguments in Myriad Genetics Case

Today was a big day for patents. Gene patents, to be exact. The Supreme Court remanded the Myriad Genetics case earlier this year, and this morning the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on the matter.

At the center of the case is the concept that laws of nature are not patentable.

Nestle, Kilpatrick Townsend, Groupon: Roundup of Recent Cases

Here are three recent notable cases out of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals:


Groupon Inc. is enjoying a victory in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals this week. The online coupon company’s patent lawsuit against Mobgob LLC and Cy Technology was successful, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Discussion of Judge Prost's Sharp Dissent to CLS v Alice

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion in a case on the patentability of business methods earlier this week.

We covered that case, CLS. v. Alice Corp., on our blog, but in the aftermath of the decision, lawyers and corporate counsel are left scratching their heads. The dissent, offered by Judge Sharon Prost, is of particular interest, as she expressed a concise difference of opinion from the majority.

Fed Cir Says Business Methods Patentable, Judge Prost Dissents

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that a business method was patentable.

Alice Corporation, a company partly owned by National Australia Bank Ltd., devised four methods which essentially reduced the risks involved with exchanging financial obligations over a designated computerized system.

Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa Retires from Federal Circuit

Judges come and judges go. And this time, it was Judge Arthur J. Garjasa’s turn to bid the Federal Circuit farewell as he announced his retirement from the bench.

Judge Gajarsa was already on senior status with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals so his announcement does not create a vacancy on the court. The announcement was made on June 30, 2012. In his parting message, Judge Gajarsa had this to say: