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Texas Woman Wrongly Jailed Wins Appeal

Last week, FindLaw's Chris Coble covered the story of the Texas woman who is suing the county for being falsely accused and jailed. The story was among the week's most popular on social media for FindLaw's consumer audience. This means, if you are a lawyer, this is the kind of case potential clients are reading.

Jessica Jauch certainly needed a lawyer when she got out of jail.

Mississippi Federal Judge Excused From New Civil Cases Amid Backlog

Judge Henry T. Wingate has been on the federal bench for more than 30 years.

When he was appointed, it was a different world. The Soviet Union still existed. Al Gore hadn't invented the internet.

Maybe that's why the judge started to have a problem with his case backlog -- his staff didn't have computers.

Apple Ordered to Pay $440 Million to Patent Troll

Sometimes, it's all about timing.

And for Apple and VirnetX, time is also relative. That's because a federal judge has ordered Apple to pay VirnetX nearly $440 million in a patent case. Meanwhile, however, the patent office and/or appeals board says the patents are invalid.

Never mind Einstein's theory of special relativity, this case is complicated.

NFL Star's Penalty Reinstated: Six Games, No First Down

Ezekiel Elliott, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys, runs really fast.

Last year, he led the National Football League in rushing yards. But Elliott can't run faster than the law.

The player has been suspended for six games for violating league rules against domestic violence. A trial judge blocked the suspension, but the Fifth Circuit vacated the order.

In the most recent wave of federal court nominations handed down from the White House, the state of Mississippi was dealt an unexpected bit of bad news: a Mississippian wasn't nominated in the place of Judge Grady Jolly, the Mississippian that's retiring from the bench. Dropping the number of seats held by Mississippians to two.

The 17 judge judicial circuit covers Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. For the four Fifth Circuit nominations made by President Trump, none have been Mississippians. However, there is one more anticipated retirement on the circuit, Judge Edith Clement, which could potentially allow Trump to give the Mississippians what they want.