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Judge Edward Prado of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals was recently nominated by President Trump to serve as the ambassador to Argentina. And while the official ambassador position has been vacant for nearly a year, if Prado is confirmed (which is highly anticipated), it will create a new vacancy on the Fifth Circuit.

Recently, Trump was able to fill two open seats on that bench with the appointments of Justices James Ho and Don Willett. And by making an appointment from that bench, he might just get the chance to put another jurist there.

Court Upholds Convictions for Stealing Confidential Information

Sean James Hager felt like his employer didn't have his "long-term interests at heart."

So he devised a plan for his future. Using his employer's confidential information, he started a company that sold parts to the employer and netted about $1.16 million for himself.

That was the plan anyway -- until he was convicted of wire fraud and other crimes. In United States of America v. Hager, he also made another mistake.

Soccer Players Interfered With Flight Crew: Convictions Upheld

Soccer players Jonathan Petras and Wisam Shaker were slow to learn the rules for unruly passengers aboard commercial airlines.

You can't curse at flight attendants. You can't make obscene gestures at them. You can't threaten them and call them names like "ugly," "racist," or "pig."

Petras and Shaker finally learned the rules after the pilot landed the plane and police escorted them off to face criminal charges. Put another way, that's the way a ball player bounces.