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Sepulveda-Villarini v. Dep't of Educ. of Puerto Rico, 08-2283

Public school teachers' suit for Title I and Rehabilitative Act violations

Sepulveda-Villarini v. Dep't of Educ. of Puerto Rico, 08-2283, concerned a consolidated appeal of the district court's dismissal of two public school teachers' suits against the Puerto Rico Department of Education and several officials for refusal to accommodate their disabilities.


In vacating the portion of the order in each case finding the complaint inadequate to state a Title I violation and inadequate to state a Rehabilitation Act claim, the court remanded the matter in concluding that, the standard is plausibility assuming the pleaded facts to be true and read in a plaintiff's favor.  Twombly cautioned against thinking of plausibility as a standard of likely success on the merits, and here, the district court demanded more than plausibility.

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