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February 2018 Archives

Drug Dealer Loses 'Softball-Sized' Appeal

Over-confidence was one of Todd Rasberry's problems; another was drug-dealing.

When police patted him down during a search for drugs, Rasberry said the softball-sized object they felt in his groin area was "part of his anatomy."

It turned out to be a big ball of drugs in United States of America v. Rasberry.

Court: Hotel Had Duty to Man Injured in Lobby Fight

Late one night, Henry Mu was waiting for his girlfriend outside a hotel when a fight broke out.

A rowdy group of men, who had been kicked out of their room for disrupting guests, were chasing down a man. Mu told the hotel valet to call the police.

"That's not my problem," the valet said. In Mu v. Omni Hotels Management Corporation, turns out it was.