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'Crime-Fraud' Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege Gets Expanded

The Appeals Court for the First Circuit affirmed a lower district court's decision on the production of allegedly privileged documentation, quite possibly expanding the exception to swallow the rule.

For attorneys, this is a good chance to check up on your privileges.

As New England begins to crawl out of one of its worst winters on record, it's easy to forget that Yanks' circuit court includes the tropical climes of Puerto Rico. But it does, given the First Circuit occasion to rule on a lawyer-on-lawyer fee dispute arising from the Estado Libre Asociado.

The dispute arose following successful representation in a personal injury case and ended in a (metaphorical) court room brawl between lawyers, as the esquires battled not only over their fee sharing agreement, but even over who actually represented the client.

Chuck Turner's Sentence Appeal Denied

Former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner isn’t getting any sympathy from the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion on Wednesday upholding Turner’s three-year prison sentence for corruption. The appeals decision rejected his claims that the verdict was in error and that the government was vindictively trying to punish him, reports The Boston Globe.

Dianne Wilkerson's Sentence Appeal Denied

Last year, a federal district court sentenced former state senator Dianne Wilkerson to 3 1/2 years in prison on charges of political corruption.

On April 5, 2012, the First Circuit Court of Appeals revisited Wilkerson’s sentencing, and upheld the lower court’s decision.

Avoid Attorney Sanctions: Show Up for Your Hearing

First Circuit Court of Appeals attorneys: You have to show up for your hearings. It seems obvious because it's hard to bill when you're noticeably absent, but there's a bigger issue than just meeting your billable hours.

What, you may wonder, could ever trump billables in an attorney's heart? Try a healthy fear of fines.

Attorney sanctions are no laughing matter. They look bad on your record, they're proof of judicial ire, and they could land you in a post like this.