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Levy v. Lexington County, No. 09-1550

In plaintiffs' action challenging a district's method of electing school board members claiming that the election process dilutes the voting strength of African-American voters, an order holding that the school board election system violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is vacated and remanded where: 1) the district court erred by considering only the elections that took place between 1984 and 2004; and 2) district court's application of the second and third Gingles factors was based on factual and legal errors. 

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Appellate Information

Argued: September 24, 2009

Decided: December 21, 2009


Opinion by Circuit Judge  Duncan


For Appellant:  Allan Lee Parks, Jr., Parks Chesin & Walbert, PC

For Appellee:   Laughlin McDonald, ACLU