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November 2015 Archives

4th Cir. Sidelines College Football Player Who Survived Heatstroke

Gavin Class, the Towson University football lineman who underwent a staggering 14 surgeries after he nearly died of heatstroke during practice will not be returning to the field, ruled the Court of Appeals.

The 4th Circuit ruled that it was required to defer to Towson University's policies and judgment regarding whether or not Class could be cleared to play. Despite the setback, the court praised Class for his accomplishments and declared that he "can be proud to tell his story."

The Fourth Circuit just tossed a conviction of a man who photographed himself and a 7-year-old girl having sex, the Associated Press reported.

Now before readers take up pitch-forks and torches, it should be noted that the circuit did nothing more than review whether or not the lower court applied the law correctly.

Redskins' Lawyers File this Year's Raunchiest Brief in 4th Circuit

If someone were to tell you that the term "JIZZ underwear" would be used to argue for the very core of copyright and trademark, you'd think you'd stumbled onto a dirty website, right?

That term, including many other equally racy or offensive trademarks were cited as examples by the Redskin's legal team in their appellate brief filed with the Fourth Circuit. The argument: the 2014 PTO's canceling of six trademarks for the "Washington Redskins" amounts to unequal treatment under the law.

4th Cir. to Rehear Cell-Site Surveillance Tower Case

The Fourth Circuit agreed to rehear the cell-site tower case United States v. Graham, which further probes the questions of the Fourth Amendment's application to an increasingly mobile, digital world.

The grant of the U.S. Government's petition effectively means that there will be some delay in Graham reaching the country's highest court -- thereby delaying a much sought final word from SCOTUS.