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When was the last time you raised your hourly rates?

If it's been more than a year, you might want to consider evaluating the local legal market, and then raising your rates. Just like in any other industry, as you gain experience and your skills improve, you can command higher pay.

For current clients, you'll need to send out a notice of a rate increase, and unless your retainer agreement allows for rate increases upon reasonable notice, you may need to get permission from your clients, or have them sign an amendment.

'Pharma Bro' Lawyer Gets 18 Months for Aiding Scheme

Jodi Greebel collapsed in court as a judge sentenced her husband -- a former attorney for Martin Shkreli -- to 18 months in prison.

It was an awful day for lawyer Evan Greebel and his family, and the beginning of the end to a painful legal process. A jury labored to convict the former Kaye Scholer attorney, and even the judge was emotional at sentencing.

But for the victims, it wasn't about the jail time. It was about the $10 million that Greebel must pay for helping "Pharma Bro" Shkreli defraud investors.

Client, Going to Pick Up a File, Shoots His Lawyer to Death

An Indiana man shot and killed his lawyer while picking up a file at the attorney's house.

The shooter, an 83-year-old man, was a client in a civil case. According to reports, the attorney and his client were also long-time friends.

Police said they didn't know why the client killed T. Edward Page. Neither did the lawyer.

On social media, for attorneys, there's a fine line between cracking a few jokes and sharing stories and info, and just being irresponsible and stupid.

Believe it or not, what you say on the internet matters for a lot of different reasons. For lawyers, one of the biggest reasons is your and your firm's potential clients. This isn't a free speech issue. It's a what-your-speech-reflects-upon-your-character (and your firm's character) issue.

Below, you can read a few tips on how not to be dumb on social media.

Judge Splits the Baby in Name Change Cases, Gets Sued for Transgender Bias

Judge Joseph W. Kirby is no King Solomon, but he knows how to split decisions.

He granted name changes for six transgender adults, and denied name changes for three transgender children this year. But unlike King Solomon who won praise for his baby-splitting decision, Kirby has been sued.

In Whitaker v. Kirby , parents sued the Ohio judge for allegedly discriminating against their transgender children by denying their requests for name changes. The case is getting attention of biblical proportions.

Do you follow celebrity gossip to escape from the mundane reality that is law school (or firm life)?

If so, there's some interesting and recent celebrity law school news. Apparently, in addition to America's second first daughter being enrolled in law school, two other (somewhat) big names have announced that they're starting law school this fall.

Arizona Summit Law School Cancels Classes, Sends Students Packing

Classes at Arizona Summit Law School are out. Forever.

At least it's the beginning of the end at the Phoenix institution, and the law school shows little sign of coming back. Officials have cancelled fall classes, and are working on transfers for the remaining students.

About one-third of them already had plans to transfer, leaving about 70 students scrambling one week before the fall semester was supposed to start. Now they are getting a lesson in how to think on their feet.

Law students in these modern times are certainly equipped with more technology than any generation of law students that came before them.

However, not much of that new tech is actually going to help with law school. Beyond a laptop and smartphone, you don't need much more. Sure, an Apple Watch might look great and be helpful in the gym, but in the classroom, it's an unneeded distraction, but one you might still want.

Below, you'll find a shortlist of unnecessary tech that can help you stay focused, healthy, and succeed in law school.

Two Tales of Success and Murder

The path to murder starts with a wrong turn, a twist in one life that ends another.

Far too many people follow it -- even successful people like lawyers and law students. Kenneil Cole, a young legal assistant, went down that path.

He was upward bound when he took that fateful turn. It happened somewhere between the first and eleventh time he pulled the trigger on his roommate.

For law students, bad study habits can quickly turn a semester from good to what-happened!?!

Sure, whether you're going to get called on in lecture is as likely as rolling doubles, but that doesn't mean you should slack off or short-shrift your preparation. There are better ways to get your thrills than agonizing over whether you're going to have to fudge your way through a Socratic barrage.

Below you can read about the five worst study habits that law students need to stop right now.