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Last-Minute Checklist for Taking the Bar

The time for studying has past; the time for test-taking has arrived.

By this point, you should have crammed all the learning you can handle into your head. It's time to breathe deeply, and go pass that test.

Still, you will always feel like there's something more to do the night before the bar exam. Here's a last-minute checklist to help you do it:

Carlton Dance Can't Get a Copyright

If you ever watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or even vaguely know about it, one of the things you are likely to know is the Carlton Dance.

Alfonso Ribeiro, also known as Carlton Banks from the 90s hit TV show, and the current host of America's Funniest Home Videos, seems to be losing his fight for copyright protection for his signature comedic dance, which strangely, he wishes people would stop asking him to do. Sadly for Ribeiro, he's learning his copyright woes aren't unusual.

Judge Uses Government Credit Card to Buy Gas, Goes to Prison for It

A former state supreme court justice received a two-year prison sentence for his part in a scandal that took down the entire West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Allen Loughry was also sentenced to three years supervised release, fined $10,000, and ordered to pay $1,200 in restitution. Loughry was convicted for crimes that stemmed from using a government credit card to pay for personal travel.

Stealing gas is a low-level street crime, but it gets worse when you lie to authorities about it. Every judge should know that.

From laptops to smartphones, the law school experience certainly isn't what it used to be. Not many things are "how they used to be" given how integrated everyday life has become with all the latest technology.

But when it comes to law school classrooms really taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology available today, few are actually doing it. However, with how much more accessible certain technologies are becoming, it seems that it might only be a matter of time before every law school offers virtual reality learning sessions.

Avenatti Drama Continues: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Michael Avenatti sued a president on behalf of a pornstar, and it made him famous in his own right.

But then the spotlight got hot when he allegedly dragged his girlfriend across the floor of his apartment. His financial problems didn't help his celebrity status either.

Now Avenatti is back with another salacious, high-profile case. He says he got a tape of R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.

President Donald Trump's appointment of William Barr as the United States Attorney General has now been confirmed by Congress.

Barr passed with a 54 to 45 vote, mostly along partisan lines. The big questions that seemed to be centered around Barr's position on the Mueller probe, and whether the end-report will be released publicly or kept confidential. Additionally, it does not appear that Barr will be recusing himself as AG Sessions did, though he did promise to not fire Mueller without cause.

Is Faculty Impact a Good Measure for Rating Law Schools?

Albert Einstein was a brilliant physicist, but a lousy physics professor.

He epitomized the common knowledge that researchers often do not make good teachers. That's why you can't really judge a law school by its faculty alone.

Research institutions deserve credit for their experts who publish rather than perish. But if you want to know where to get a good legal education, you have to look at other factors as well.

Regardless of what you plan on doing with your law degree, there are some "soft-skills" you can certainly hone and develop in law school that will help you in your career.

You might be asking: What are soft-skills? Generally, soft skills are measured by personal attributes such as work ethic, empathy, time-management, creativity, and interpersonal communication. And during law school, you have the opportunity to deepen your soft skills considerably. Below, you can read about three soft skills to focus on while working towards your JD.

Disbarred Lawyer Flees After Allegedly Murdering His Mother

Facing 30 years for financial crimes, a disbarred attorney allegedly broke free of his ankle monitor, murdered his mother, and fled.

Richard Merritt, 44, was scheduled to report to prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly clients. Now police are looking for him because he allegedly stabbed his mother to death.

Family members said they never thought Merritt was capable of such violence. Police said he is "extremely dangerous."

If you're in the middle of prepping for the February bar exam, you're just a couple weeks away now. And at this point, hopefully, you have a firm grasp on just about everything and it's all about fine tuning and practice.

Though, you may also be incredibly far behind and panicking. And frankly, that's okay too. You just don't want to neglect some of the critical planning steps. There's still time to study more, but you may want to think about focusing your studying efforts over the last two weeks, in addition to developing your sleep schedule, and making sure you have your exam day(s) plan.