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The Funniest Resume Gaffes Not To Make

We have all been there.  Searching for the perfect job.  Or sometimes, searching for any job at all.  It's a tough station in life...getting hopes high with a promising job post and then then working furiously to tailor your resume and cover letter, only to hear that they will keep you 'in mind for the future', or never hear back at all.  If you are in the doldrums of job searching, don't let up.  Sign up for those job listing e-newsletters, go to the job fairs, network your worries away.

But in the process of job search and research, always be ready to laugh.  A little at yourself, tactfully at others, and wholeheartedly at the comedy of the career search.

And ripe for the giggles and howls, is Resumania.  A seemingly simple landing page with a never-ending scrolling bar and zero graphics may make you wonder whether it was created by your five-year old niece or eighty-seven year old great uncle, once removed.  But once you start reading the entries and the quippy responses you will be sold.  You may even call your niece and great uncle, once removed, to apologize for doubting them.

Here are some of our top picks from  Enjoy.  No really, have a ball.

3 Tips for the Seasoned 3L

Ah, 3L.  For the past two years you have seen the upperclassmen (and women) rule the law school roost with confidence and ease, and now they've passed the baton on to you.  By now you may have much more focused idea of what you want out of the field of law.  Or, you may honestly still have no idea.  We're not judging. 

But you will have to make some big decisions this year.  Namely, about taking the Bar exam.  And in which state(s).  In the midst of major life decisions at least you also have planning that post-Bar trip to distract you a little...

In some ways, 3L is the calm before the storm. 

Don't Start 2L Without Knowing This...

Dorthy realized she wasn't in Kansas, and you might be waking up to the fact that you're not a 1L anymore.  The anticipation, the hype, fear of the unknown...yeah, you're kind of over that now.  So, what does this new 2L Pandora's box have in store for you?  Don't start the year without recalibrating for the extra L.

  • 1L summer: crystal ball or passing fad?

Whether you studied abroad, clerked for a judge, interned at the DA or PD's office, did the summer associate thing, took summer classes, or played Warcraft for 9 hours a day, chances are it was the first time stepping out of the legal lecture hall and into a real-world setting as an bona fide apprentice of the subject.  You introduced yourself as having completed your first year of law school and you got a chance to see and feel the reaction from practitioners in the field as well as from the non-legalese-speaking professionals and public.  

6 Tricks & Tips to Surviving 1L

Welcome to law school. You've made it through orientation, and now all that's left is surviving the year that gives law school a bad name.

Here are some sought-after tricks and tips to see you through first year, simply known as 1L.

Advice for 1L's:

Get Your Vote On

How does $10,000 sound to take the edge off the bitterness that can develop from reflecting on three years of camping out at the law school library, paying a six-figure sum in fees, and missing major events of family and friends?

Well, that's what the non-profit organization Access Group is attempting to do with its video scholarship contest hosted on YouTube.  And now you can click in to the action of deciding the winner.  Voting is on now and continues for just a couple more days, with virtual polls closing on August 21st. 

What's it all about?

Celebrity 1L

Southwestern Law School of Los Angeles had its 1L orientation earlier this month, with students surprised to see a Hollywood star among them.  Actor Jerry O'Connell is enrolled as a part-time night student at the 1000-student, private, ABA-accredited law school in Southern California.

And that's not all on O'Connell's plate these days.  He and wife Rebecca Romjin recently welcomed twin daughters seven months ago and with Romjin back to work on her tv sitcom, Eastwick, Jerry will be balancing the roles of Mr. Mom and Sleepless 1L. 

How Associates Can Adapt to Cube Culture

Amidst economic downsizing, resizing, and other tricks of the tailor trade, law associates may find that they have one more thing in common with their in-house counterparts.  Yes, the cubicle.

If your firm, agency, or non-profit is making the shift to cube farms, we want to help you ease into the transition.  So you can be the cool new cube kid on the block...the associate that everyone wants to meet, the one who knows all the best new legal jokes, and who can charm the fellas or ladies with ease.

That's right, associate, it's time to pimp your cubicle.

Divorce Court - The Music Video

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Is it ironic that Chris Brown's "Forever" is the soundtrack to the latest, greatest viral video to involve a spoof of law.  If you have your finger on viral video fads, you may have seen the JK Wedding Entrance that was all the craze just months back.  Now, while that YouTube-bite apparently depicted an actual zany and entertaining wedding entrance, Indigo Productions has developed this divorce court spoof that supposedly takes place six months after the wedding day.

Entertaining, certainly.  But we do have a few questions for the parties involved:

7 Ways to Thrive in the Recession

Big-law may have lost its capital b.  The American Bar Association reports 4300 job layoffs from big-law firms over the course of the present recession.  Add to that small law firms that have closed shop, in-house legal departments that have downsized, non-profit law firms that have reduced staff, and law school grads that didn't get offers, and you may notice that the legal profession is weathering one tough season. 

But before you take "J.D." off of your resume, consider the advice of Julie A. Fleming, Atlanta attorney-turned-life coach who recently hosted a session titled "Seven Secrets Every Lawyer Must Know to Thrive, Even in a Recession."  For all associates, greedy or not, here are the pearls of wisdom she bestowed:

Changing of the Guard at the ABA

400,000 volunteer members make the American Bar Association the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world, according to the ABA's website.  So, it's no small matter when the ABA announces the captains that will stand at its helm in the coming years.

D.C.-based attorney, Carolyn Lamm is up first. She began her one-year tenure as ABA President yesterday and will remain in the position until August 2010.  Not her first time in the leadership ring, Lamm served as President of the District of Columbia Bar in 2007 and is a partner with White and Case.  As ABA President Lamm is looking to steer the organization to become better equipped to address big-picture trends for attorneys such as the impact of globalization and technology on attorney regulation and ethics.  

After the Bar

July is over, and so is another Bar exam.  For those who participated in the 1 to 3 day marathon, our congratulations to you for crossing the finish line.  With so much anticipation leading up to the exam, its logistics---including but not limited to laptop registration, identifying what you can and can't bring, and remembering which seat you're assigned to in the sea of desks of chairs--and any follow-up,  now that the Bar is a past-tense situation you may find yourself wondering, what next.

Post-Bar is the secret that no one really talks about.