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December 2009 Archives

Should I JD/MBA?

If you are thinking of pursuing law, you may also think--heck, why not get a business degree while you're at it.  Without oversimplifying the issue, making the most of going back to school by pursuing multiple degrees at one time is often a major consideration for JD/MBA joint degree hopefuls. There are a number of programs that enable students to earn both degrees in three years.

So, is it the joint degree right for you?

Here are a few questions to help you decide... 

1. Do you want to practice law or be in business? Law and business are related, but they aren't the same.  Many holders of the popular joint degree combo say that ultimately you end up doing one or the other.  As you debate whether to go with 2 grad degrees instead of one, do a little cost-benefit analysis, and be sure to put the degree leading to what you are ultimately interested in doing, first.  It will help you as you tackle the decision-making process of how to apply and which program to apply to first.

"A Law School Carol" Sings the Law School Blues

Mid-December is that special respite time in the life of a law student.  Finals draw to a close and suddenly there is an expanse of two weeks and change to help remember life outside the stare decisis of the law.

With the numerous holiday blockbusters making their red carpet unveils in December, the typical--or dare we say "reasonable"--law student might be doing everything in her might to stay away from mixing law and celluloid entertainment for the next few weeks.  And not to derail such efforts, we did come across a small screen animated series that might spark your interest.

And by "small screen" we mean laptop small.

UC Hastings Law School Student Group Heads to Supreme Court

Who says graduate school is all theory and no practice.  Students involved in a Christian student group at the University of California Hastings School of Law (UC Hastings) are taking what they learned about the First Amendment in Con Law straight to court. 

The Christian Legal Society invites all students to attend meetings but restricts the designation of voting members and club officers to students who sign a "Statement of Faith" which includes language affirming the belief that "Christians should not engage in sexual conduct outside of a marriage between a man and a woman."

And the argument?