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Friday Footnotes: Jersey Shore Goes to Law School & More

A Law School News Roundup
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Jersey Shore's Vinnie Considering Law School at "Yale or Harvard"  A J.D. backup plan to reality show life at Seaside Heights.

Cornell Law School Applications Increase By Record 52 Percent  Standing in line to make an argument.

A Lockdown at Northwestern Law School A pop and lock, with fortunately no pop.  

State of the Union: 3 Quotes that Matter to Law Students

Whether or not you watched, listened, or read President Obama's address to Congress this week, even the bubble of law school can't completely shield you from the current state of the Union.  In sum, the economy. It was what was for dinner at the 2010 annual address by the nation's Chief Executive.

Parsing out the address more carefully, there are a few quotes that may resonate with law students.  Here are 3 to know, and why they matter to you, aspiring J.D.

RSS for Law Students and Associates: In 5 Really Simple Steps

The information superhighway of yesterday doesn't cut it today.  Think information superplanet. With well over 100 million blogs populating the online stream of information, options of following hundreds of lawyers and law professors on Twitter, and having the ability to ask a question about the law and get an answer from a dynamic online legal community...the only thing left to say is, welcome to Web 3.0. 

The challenge has shifted from finding information to finding the right information and to trying make online queries and browsing effective for your needs.  And, for law practitioners, law students, and the legal community it has never been more important to learn tools to help make the most of your time online.

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One gamechanger is RSS (Really Simple Syndication). And this is your quick & easy intro to this online tool for web syndication.

Imagine getting case law for a particular circuit, blogs specializing in various topics of law, or posts from your law school's law review blog, and your favorite legal funnies delivered to your screen.  It's a way to traverse the webbed world of vast online legal information.

39 Captivating Law School Study Abroad Programs in 2010

If only the days of summer extended indefinitely....then you could try to do all of the law school study abroad programs that intrigue you.  Since they don't and you can't, here's a list of summer abroad programs that captured our attention...and might entice you to pack your bags and books for an overseas summer law adventure.

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Friday Foonotes: Remembering Prof. Freed & More

A Law School News Roundup
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Law School Study Abroad: Hot or Not?

Yes, 1L's, 2L's, and distracted 3L's it's mid-January, pushing February. And though you are still wearing a muffler or scarf to class, sporting umbrellas and gloves to internships, and planning your schedule around rain, snow, sleet, and hail...did you know that summer is just around the corner?


Well, at least logistically speaking.  While you may still be bundled up for weeks, time doesn't seem to stand still for making plans for the summer. Summer clerkship applications, summer associate recruitment, and summer school sign-ups are already in the pipeline.  And so is law school study abroad.

Whisking away to the South of France to muse European community law, trekking to Budapest to meditate on alternate dispute resolution, sailing to Cape Town, South Africa to reflect on political institutions, or even jetting to Geneva to ruminate public international human rights law may sound downright tempting now...and the good news is that it may still be in your cards for the coming summer.

If you've considered studying abroad while in law school, here a few popular reasons that students make the trip...

That's Not Funny. Okay, Maybe a Little.

Crime is serious. But criminals, sometimes not so much.  Whether you are studying law or practicing it, you might be able to use a break from the gravity of the law to appreciate, well, its occasional unintended humor.

  • Who needs a confession when you have a ransom note?

"Steven Alan Locasio called a number left on a ransom note to negotiate a deal to get his marijuana back.

After the Haiti Earthquake

A Haiti earthquake and Haitian immigration law update...

By now you have heard.  A 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti just outside of its capital, Port-au-Prince, this past Tuesday (January 12th 2010) at approximately 5pm local time.  With casualties mounting into tens of thousands and major structures severely damaged, including all hospitals in the area, all eyes have refocused on this Caribbean nation.


51 Interesting Law School Clinics Around the Country


Elder law, family law, animal law, human rights law, tax law...if there is a legal topic you are curious about, there likely exists a law school clinic that explores it.  And while law school clinics offer the community free/low cost legal services, they also give law students the unique opportunity to get involved in actual legal work, under the supervision of professor-attorneys. .

By no means exhaustive, this no-particularly-ordered list provides a glimpse of what kinds of law school clinics are out there.

Skim, peruse, use....

Law School Admissions Minority Report

What's up with law school admissions?  Not minority admissions.  


A report on national law school admissions trends that came from collaboration between the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) and the Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic at the Columbia University School of Law suggests that even though law school capacities have increased in the past 15 years the trend for admission of Mexican-American and African-American students has taken the opposite trend. 

Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in a Law School Clinic in 2010

If you don't want to find yourself on the short end of an easy lawyer joke, actively seek opportunities to train under licensed attorneys before representing your first client.  You can start by scoping out your legal backyard.  Law school.


Continuing our trend of "Top 10" for "2010"...this one comes straight from the course catalogues of law schools across the country.  The law school clinic.  Make it happen.  Here's why:

1. To learn how to issue spot.  Better.  When doing an intake you may well hear multiple issues spanning many areas of law.  And unlike an exam question, you can't reread and highlight potential issues.  You'll learn to listen carefully and ask the right questions.

10 Funny Tees for Law Students in 2010

That's right it's a new year, and a new decade.  And whether that sees you in, out, or contemplating law want to be apparel-ready.  In a cheeky cotton tee, you can make a statement without saying a word.    

Here are a few of our favorites from CafePress...


1. "I am an attorney. I am not your attorney".  For law students who can't resist weighing in with a legal opinion. Whether the conversation has anything to do with the law or not.  This visual disclaimer might be a good reminder to everyone you talk to that just because you take yourself seriously, doesn't mean they should.

2. "What the large print giveth. The small print taketh away."  Ah, contracts.  Bundled up in sections of the UCC and Restatement are pages of utter joy for some law students and attorneys.  And this one speaks just the right language for those of you.  

3. "I litigate therefore I am."  For those Philosophy majors who found their way to law school, this is a call out to your inner Descartes.