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Friday Footnotes: J.D. Golden Girl & More

A round-up of the week's law school news, digital style.
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Overpaid Former Dean Told To Fork Over $60K.  The case of the phantom sabbatical.

79-Year-Old Graduates From Law School, Begins Career in Elder LawJ.D. Golden Girl.

Obama nominates Berkeley prof to appeals courtYour Professor, now Your Honor.

Chief justice to speak at UAHail to the Chief (Justice), Alabama Style.

How Law School Exams Are Graded, Kind Of

There is a measure of unease in studying in law school. Nearly fifteen weeks of class, reading, and outlining. And it all comes down to a few hours, a number of essays, and possibly a few multiple choice questions. And then the past few months are summed up by a solitary number, a single letter--garnished, perhaps by a symbol.  And from there you fit into a rank of your class.  Upper half, bottom third, top five percentile...a new identity--even if short-lived--is yours.

And sure, there are practice law school exams and answers, but how can you really know how a law professor will grade. We mean really know.  Because in the end, who your professor is and what they are looking for, matters more than just a little in the parallel law school universe.

We've been working around the clock at FindLaw to shed some light on the subject.  And we think you'll like what we found...

Deferred Law Firm Associate, Will You Go Back?

The recession has meant many things to many people. Your MBA friends may have faced expansive layoffs or their looming threat.  In parallel with a winter that has meant snow in 49 states, hiring freezes have been a norm in companies, firms, and government positions across the spectrum.  And then there are the attorneys who scored coveted BigLaw positions to be deferred employment for a year to wait out the recession. In exchange for the pause in practicing at big firms, law associates received a resting salaries in the range of $70K-$80K.   

The year is rounding its final turns. And now the question is, esteemed associate, will you go back? 

Friday Footnotes: Crying Bees, Seeing Starr(s), & Other Tasty News

sticky notes.jpgA round-up of the week's law school news, from the bleachers.

Denver Law School Names New Dean. A new kat in the kitchen.

Kenneth Starr leaving Pepperdine Law School to become Baylor president. From right, left, to center...geographically speaking.

Countdown to the February Bar Exam: 6 Posts to Read Now!

That's right guys and gals, its almost game-time for the February 2010 Bar exam. And if the Winter Olympics in Vancouver have taught us anything it is that preparation is king, queen, and the royal ready for the worst and hope for the best. 

While you find your center before taking this career-defining exam, here are a few related posts to inform, inspire, and, well, humor you in the final days before the Bar. Good luck...



The ABA Essay Contest: $5K Challenge for Associates and Law Students

piggybank.jpgDo you consider yourself to be an innovative student or practitioner of law?  Do you like to talk shop about legal malpractice law, professional liability insurance, and loss prevention? Could your wallet use an extra $5000, cash?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should speed-click over to the ABA's Annual Essay competition sponsored by the the American Bar Association and San Francisco law firm Long & Levit LLP.

And though love may take time, this contest demands a February 19th submission or postmark, so think fast and act faster. Here are a few facts to get you started:

Outsourcing Law School? Chinese Law School Seeks ABA Accreditation

The phone is ringing at the ABA headquarters, it's China calling.


The Peking University School of Transnational Law is looking to get the American Bar Association's (ABA) nod and stamp of approving recognition as the first ABA-accredited law school outside the United States.  Outsourcing, which has commonly become associated with call centers in Asia assisting North American and European customers on everything from connecting to DSL to changing a flight booking, could have a new avatar coming soon. One ending in Esq.

According to the ABA Journal, the ABA has clarified its accreditation standards, stating that there is no standing requirement that law schools looking to get ABA accreditation must necessarily be based in the U.S.

This doesn't just open the door, it potentially blows down the house. 

Where to Find Law Love Online

A big weekend is upon us. Chinese New Year. Valentine's Day. And President's Day. 

It's enough to want to eat heart-shaped dim sum while sitting under a cherry tree.  As you head into the long weekend of festivity, here are some things law students and associates should keep in mind to make the most of eclectic celebrations.


Friday Footnotes: Free Law School, Ranking Firms & More

sticky notes.jpgA round-up of the week's law school news headlines, editorial commentary at no extra charge.

First, start with the power of free.  Then add in pro bono and law school in equal parts.  Bake or chill, depending on your desired coast. And you get free law school a la mode...

Now, to appease the fascination with Ivy league law schools.  And boxing.

The Power of Free: FindLaw's Cases & Codes for Law Students & Associates


Where can you go to view over a million pages of free case law or browse over 600,000 pages of federal and state codes? 

Hint: you're already here.

FindLaw is where the law is when it comes to cases and codes.  And that fits well with law students and associates who find themselves chasing codes and counting cases to find exactly what they are looking for.

Massive stores of relevant law + easy to use searching and browsing make it a bright idea in any light, and a formidable take-off point for your research. 

Big Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) news this week has included the announcement that retired  Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter is set to deliver the commencement address at Harvard, which also happens to be the Justice's undergraduate and law school alma mater.  Appointed in 1990 by President George H. Bush, Justice Souter proved to be a moderate liberal, even-keeled SCOTUS justice who notably dissented in Bush v. Gore and joined Supreme Court Justices Kennedy and O'Connor in a plurality position in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, upholding the tenets of Roe v. Wade.  He left his post on the High Court with a legacy of strong work ethic, quiet independence, and as a champion of individual rights.

And that officially takes retired Justice Souter out of the running as the Supreme Court's most insignificant justice, leaving 110 other candidates vying for the prize of most forgettable. 

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There's just something about rooting for an underdog that can be really satisfying. Especially when the underdog wins. The 31-17 win in Superbowl 2010 by the first-time Superbowl attendees, New Orleans Saints, over the Indiana Colts single-handedly supplied a dose of unique satisfaction. And the thrill of the unlikely win extended beyond the population of the home state to the nation that watched as levies gave way and water flooded the city of New Orleans under the power of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, claiming lives, livelihoods, and making the Superdome the largest makeshift shelter in the country--connecting the Saints with their fans in an unimaginable way.

And, in the morning-after norm of deeper level analysis on everything from uniforms to half-time show to Superbowl commercials, there is also a desire to find a way to find take-aways from the Saints' magic to incorporate into our daily lives. Well, new law associates and solo practitioners, here are 3 crucial calls from Superbowl 44 and how they can improve your law firm game.

Friday Footnotes: UMaryland, UMass, Hillary Swank & More

A Law School News Roundup

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UMaryland law project reached Oscar semifinals. Lights, camera, law for "the Response", and ABA award-winner.

UMass Law OKed by Board of Higher EducationDebate still abound, as Massachusetts gears up for another school.

Lawyer sues over calls- about law school debtMaking the most of a degree?

Well-Delivered: 5 FindLaw Newsletters You Can Use

Whether by FedEx, UPS, or Pizza's all about the delivery.  And FindLaw gets it.

The site that brings up-to-date legal news, case summaries, and blogs also delivers newsletters. Right to your inbox.  There are FindLaw newsletters with recent circuit court cases, weekly roundups of cases by subject area, top legal headlines, sports news, human resources headlines, and business news and law to name a few.

With nearly 100 FindLaw newsletters to choose from, how does a billing-duressed associate or studying-fatigued student decide?  We asked the FindLaw Newsletter team to pick their top choices of newsletters that would be useful to law associates and law students.  And before you resort to unsavory take-out legal news again, consider your options in fresh delivery...

Lawyers Without Borders: Because Going Borderless Is In Vogue

The earthquake in Haiti was like a strong espresso on an already-caffeinated Monday morning.  With a new year just underway and world attention focused on rebuilding economies, shoring up banks, and creating jobs, the striking devastation to life and property on the island nation just down the ocean from Florida, stormed the world stage.  Sometime after you heard the news and before the first aftershock, you may have caught yourself asking, how can I help?


Doctors and medical students were on the social media scene, dispersing names of medical organizations that needed volunteers.  Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders were common go-to places that were passed on through tweets, Facebook status updates, and canvassed by email.

Lawyers and law students, feeling left out yet?

14 Things I Wish I Had Known When Graduating From Law School

A law professor at law school graduation: "from today forth, please call me by my first name, because now I am no longer your professor, I am your colleague." And like that, 3 years of law school are done, and the real world awaits.

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Though you've been anticipating this day since law school orientation, when it actually comes it can lead to a mixed bag of introspection. From considerations of a looming Bar exam, to broad questions about what the degree means to you and where you hope to go with it, you may be looking for sage advice...and a little good fortune.

And while transitioning into law school may have taken a little practice, going from a J.D. to the next big thing is not always a cakewalk either. But fear not, counsel is on the scene.  We polled our fellow J.D. colleagues here at FindLaw about what they wished they had known when getting their J.D.'s...or more precisely, on the day of law school graduation.  A special thanks for sharing input...and now, their pearls of wisdom: