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Footnotes: Minor League Law, Law School Business Cards & More

parkbenchnewspaper.jpg A new week, a new docket of law school news.

Supreme Court Rules for Student Seeking Discharge of Loan DebtIn law student v. loans, one point for law students.

Right to Name Minor League Stadium Will Cost Cooley Law School $1.48M. The country's largest law school to headline the home of the Lugnuts.

John Grisham is Going Tween

Make some space at the lunch table, Stephanie Meyers and JK Rowlings, there's a new tween writer on the scene.  That's right, John Grisham his casting his legal fiction genre to adolescent light.

As reported by the ABA Journal, the series' protagonist will be a 13-year old son of two lawyers.  The first book, "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer" will be published by Penguin.

Monday Footnotes: Health Care, Haiti, Bobbleheads & More

parkbenchnewspaper.jpg Manic Mondays just got a little more manageable...we are moving our regular feature "Friday Footnotes" to Mondays so you can reign supreme in water cooler law school news at the start of the week.  Want to hold on to that crown? Check back on our blog or consult the archives for the new, the interesting, and the humorous in legal lifestyle news.

So, welcome back to your new weekly dose of "Monday Footnotes"...


House delivers health care victory for President ObamaPassing 219-212, could this mean health care for struggling law students?

Law Students Raise $140,000 for Haiti Relief EffortsCounting for change.

Relax, Legal Scholars: Bobbleheads Are Safe at Yale. It's enough to make Dwight Schrute jealous. 

Because You Love "the Office"...and its Legal Liabilities

It's Thursday. And if you're one of millions of Thursday night tv-viewers you know that it means another episode of "The Office". If you've been an avid--or even occasional--fan of this mockumentary-style show, you might have caught yourself asking "is that even legal?"  to Michael Scott's blissful oblivion to employment law, HR considerations, and other workplace norms.

Well, you're not alone.

The blog, "That's What She Said" offers a weekly legal look into legalities of "the Office" as issue-spotted by attorneys from Ford & Harrison.  

thatswhatshesaid copy.jpg

Resume Humor, the Gift that Keeps On Giving

It's been a few months since our last installment of resume humor as collected, compiled, and commented on by In that time the economy has slowly begun to show hints of recovery and recoil and job seekers are still keeping steady with applying, networking, and hoping as they contemplate their next cubicle or corner office. 

And with no shortage of job applicants, there is also plenty of ripe job application humor.  Laugh with us....then go review your resumes and cover letters for unintended mistakes.

Son of a...Lawyer. And Daughters Too.

It's not easy being green, and it's probably not easiest being the son or daughter of an attorney either.  The bar is set high, no pun intended (okay, maybe a little one) and arguing for your freedom becomes all the more challenging when the case is made to professional arguers.  But that never stopped anyone from finding their own spotlight.

Coming off the heels of the Oscars, here are a few notable celebs who have found stardom of their own, despite--or maybe because of -their litigating parental(s).  A nod to the circa-2004 legal lifestyle mag "Jungle Law" for the topic concept...whatever happened to them.

Friday Footnotes: The Law School Rank Effect & More

A round-up of recent law school news, served fresh.
sticky notes.jpg

US News Rankings Czar: Our Methods Don't Affect Law School Diversity. Does emphasis on LSAT and GPA undermine law school diversity?

Court refuses Husson law school request, again.  No Bar exam for these future law grads.

CUNY Spends $155M for New Law School Home, Spurring Outcry.  Queens cost of living, 101.

But, What Do Contract Attorneys Do?

There are varying opinions on whether contract attorney jobs can further an esquire's legal career or hinder it.  There are a number of advantages of doing contract attorney work such as gaining experience or enabling pursuit of other career interests.

And naysayers also weigh in on the conversation, arguing that contract attorney work makes a candidate less marketable to large firms.

With the ongoing rally on the topic, you may find yourself wondering... what do contract attorneys do? Here are some common contract attorney tasks:

Contract Attorney Jobs: 4 Reasons You Should Consider One

Well, sassy esquire, you've crossed the Bar exam obstacle course in triumph. Now what?


In the current recovering economy lawyers may not find the dream offer and their dream position as easily as they hoped. But, before heading for the hills, consider the realm of contract attorney jobs available.

The contract attorney is hired for temporary or on a per-project basis.  And what it has its detractors--such as an indefinite term, meaning that you may have to keep the position search open even while you work various contract attorney jobs.  Also, since you are not permanent employee you may not receive the host of benefits from the firm (often, including health care) that your permanent associate counterparts enjoy.

But, for the negative points, there are also a ton of positives...