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60 Famous J.D.'s Through Time

If you read our pre-President's Day post, you may already know that 26 of the 44 U.S. Presidents were attorneys before taking office. Which makes one wonder, which other famous J.D.'s have flexed their muscle in notable ways, and across all fields.  However the recent law school rankings affect you (or don't), here's a list of 60 famous J.D.'s through time...

Rutgers law clinic on trialThe "where does your funding come from" question directed towards law school clinics.

Kagan '81 rumored to be top candidate for Supreme Court. Princeton law grads hoping to bat 3/3 in recent SOTUS confirmations.

Kaplan Survey: Pre-Law Students Confident About Law School Decision. 1L to classmate: "good luck in the job market, you'll need it."

Just off the heels of Easter, if you walk into a grocery store, drug store, or convenient store this week you will see them.  Donning familiar pastel pinks, yellows,  and blues, they will likely be relegated to clearance bins, marked with "50% Off" stickers, or headlined under "Buy 1 Get 1 Free".

They are Peeps.

Otherwise known as those marshmallowy confections shaped like curious versions of animals. Hundreds of millions of Peeps are whisked off of store shelves each year.  So, what happens to the heaps of Peeps that survive Easter? And what in a chick's name is the connection of Peeps and law...well, the ABA Journal has found a definitive link through their photo gallery "Peeps in Law":

Footnotes: Law School Clinic Tug of War, GPA Bump & More