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LawBrain, the Legal Wiki: 11 Fun Facts

If you are a tech-savvy law student or legal associate, you are probably well aware of the power of wikis--whether to learn or to share. Wikis essentially 'open-source' knowledge by making entries editable by all users. Wikis have become popular in niche settings (i.e. to share knowledge about all things Twilight) and as living encyclopedias of information.

And now there is a new wiki that is live and ready-to-use. Wrap your astute legal minds around a wiki that is a living legal community making laws accessible and interactive.

lawbrain logo.jpg

Law School Commencement: Life After L


Over the past year that the Greedy Associates blog has been around we have endeavored to include posts with helpful advice from those who have been in you pre-law flip-flops, "L" sized sneakers, or new associate stilettos. 

And, with law school commencement in the air, many of you may find yourselves preparing to trade in one set of shoes for another.

It seemed like a good opportunity to recall advice and reflections that have we have shared in the past. Whether tips for landing a job or what you may wish you had known at law school graduation, these posts can provide fodder for your own commencement thought process.  So, take to heart or dismiss without cause...

And above all, congratulations, graduate.


14 Things I Wish I Had Known When Graduating From Law School 

...A law professor at law school graduation: "from today forth, please call me by my first name, because now I am no longer your professor, I am your colleague." And like that, 3 years of law school are done, and the real world awaits."...

Public Interest Law Fellowship Seekers: 8 Resources to Know

If it takes a village to raise a child, those in the field may tell you that it takes a network to succeed in public interest law.

Public interest law spans nuanced issues of service, skirts sensitive political ideologies, and involves many moving parts to serve its intended constituents and to make relevant institutional change. And that's why it takes more than a single passionate voice to achieve collaborative harmonies.

If you're on the path to public interest law, consider a fellowship to expand your ever-vital network. And then, get to know these 8 resources very well.  It may take time, patience, and work to find your place in the vast world of public interest law, but a place to start is with the simple act of service.

What is a Public Interest Law Fellowship?

The path to public interest law can feel like the 'road less traveled' among a graduating class of firm-bound or company-aspiring attorneys.  Balancing considerations of mounting debt with scarce job opportunities makes this journey one for the determined.

As you look for a way into the public sector--consider applying to a public interest law fellowship. Not sure? Here are the basics--

fellowship | fel·low·shipfe-lō-shipˈ According to Merriam-Webster, a fellowship is defined as the position of a "person appointed to a position granting a stipend" and allowing for advanced study or research.