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29 Ways to Minimize Your Law School Loan Debt


There should really be 2 certificates given at commencement to commemorate the J.D. experience. Your law school diploma. And the bill.

For those contemplating the J.D. leap or those who are taking it, law school loan debt is often an inevitable reality. And while you probably can't avoid it completely, you can definitely take measures to manage and minimize it. And the penny saved in law school, will be one less yanked from your wallet when you leave. Here are a few ways to rein in spending as an "L".

29 Ways to Minimize Law School Loan Debt:

1. Look at your portfolio before you start. Is it the right time to go to law school?

2. Minimize your pre law school debt.

3. Pay off your credit cards before starting law school. Then hide them from yourself.

4. Apply for scholarships. Before 1L. And after.

5. Find and use gift cards & discount cards. AAA discount please!

SCOTUS: UC Hastings Law School Didn't Violate 1st Amendment

What do you get when you put "law school", "party", and "SCOTUS" together? 

Yeah, maybe not that.

But in a landmark Supreme Court decision this week, in which UC Hastings Law School was a party, SCOTUS ruled 5-4 in favor of the public law school's decision not to grant recognition to a Christian student organization.

The Case: Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

You may recall that back in December 2009, the Supreme court granted certiorari to hear a case brought by the Christian Legal Society, a faith-based student organization with a chapter at UC Hastings. The student organization cried 1st Amendment foul when UC Hastings refused to grant it official student org status on campus.

News from in and around law schools...

Fire rousts Widener Law School students. No hurt law students. Casebook casualties uncertain.

Fellow law school deans embrace Kagan for court. It's the summer of 69 law school endorsements for (potential future Justice) Kagan.

Boise's first law school set to open in 2011. Law profs may have to modify the "forest for the trees" analogy in Boise, aka the City of Trees.

5 Commencement Speeches by Famous Lawyers in 2010 (VIDEO)

With the 2010 Commencement season drawing to a quiet close, there have been more than a handful of famous lawyers who have taken center stage at prominent law school graduations across the country.  This time to deliver their words of wisdom, humor, and candor all wrapped up in a commencement address.  Here are a few we came across that you might find interesting.

1. Retired Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter addresses Harvard University, May 27, 2010.

Princeton Review takes down ad claim. Objection sustained on LSAT improvement claims.

O'Connell has law school on hold to play TV lawyer. Remember Celebrity 1L? Well, he's swapping "2L" for a TV "Esq"

ABA President Lamm Defends Law School Environmental Law Clinical Programs. In defense of the law school clinic.