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Footnotes: Princeton Review Recants, Jerry O'Connell Trades 2L for TV "Esq." & More

Princeton Review takes down ad claim. Objection sustained on LSAT improvement claims.

O'Connell has law school on hold to play TV lawyer. Remember Celebrity 1L? Well, he's swapping "2L" for a TV "Esq"

ABA President Lamm Defends Law School Environmental Law Clinical Programs. In defense of the law school clinic.

San Francisco to Host 2010 ABA Annual Meeting. Book your trolley ticket for Aug 5th-8th.

Read ABA Resolution 301 and Watch the Video. ABA Resolution 301 urges Congress to implement programs to assist with student debt.

Rachel F. Moran Appointed Dean of UCLA School of LawThe primera Latina Dean of a top-ranked law school. 

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