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Future Counselor, How Will You Change the World?

You don't need a J.D. to make a difference, but in a world that often seems to operate at the speed of changing law, it can help. Being so close to the law--reading it, writing about it, arguing it, being able to change it--can put a unique gavel within your reach.

Another way you can make a difference, is by being able to explain law. In plain English.

In this TED talk by Alan Siegel, this industry leader in business communications gives his take on the need to simplify legal jargon, where he defines simplicity "as a means to achieving clarity, transparency, and empathy--building humanity into communications."

7 Quotes to Get You Through the Bar Exam


For most states the July Bar exam is this week.

That means show time for the thousands of hopefuls who have been in study mode for the summer.

If that is you then the past few months may have meant long nights of studying, strategically camping out at different study spots day after day, and building expertise on effective forms of caffeine.  Whether you feel like you've studied too much or not enough, it's time to fight with what you've got.

And every Bar exam warrior needs a battle cry.

Whether you have one or not, here are a few quotes from some high achievers of the non-Bar kind to get you through the 1, 2, or 3 day ordeal ahead.

Inspirational, funny, random...take away from them what you like and leave the rest. Most of all, good luck Bar exam takers!

Law Firm Internships Slim Down for Summer

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.  Reed Smith. James Lawlor. Ballard Spahr. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. Blank Rome. Drinker Biddle & Reath.

For the non-law firm savvy, these are interesting names, perhaps part of a series of abstract haikus. However, for law students seeking a path to firm life, these are potential summer law firm internship employers. And they all have something in common.

They were recently mentioned in the Los Angeles Times as representing a sign of the slimming tendencies of a summer in economic recovery. The law firms are mentioned are reported to have modified their summer internship programs to match the waning tides of the economy.

The article noted that many prominent law firms have gone about the slim-down in different ways:

51 Reasons People Are Still Going to Law School

Many would-be attorneys may reveal that one of the perks they were looking forward to in law school was the absence of an accounting requirement, a statistics course, and the calculus they had to contend with in high school and college. That's fine. Law involves logic, which is arguably a kind of verbal math.


But law people, let's not abandon our basic arithmetic after calculating a GPA according to LSAC standards.

In a recent post, the ABA cites statistics showing that law school applications for 2010 Fall have increased 3%. All fine and dandy with that except the numbers also reveal that law firm jobs with the country's 250 largest firms fell 4% last year.

Do our latest law school applicants need a mobile app to show them that job prospects are in no way guaranteed. Or, do they know something we don't...Why are more people attending law school now than ever before?

PreLaw 101: What does "L" Mean Anyway?

Considering the record number of LSATs taken last September, this Fall will be a busy one for law schools across the country. And as eager law students sharpen their pencils, enjoy their summers of freedom, and prepare for the legal deluge we thought we could at least clear up one easy question.

What does "L" mean, anyway?


Interestingly, and lacking deep levels of explanation or history, you will soon learn that "L" is equivalent to "year law student". And it is preceded by a number that makes it all make sense.

1L = 1(st) year law student

2L = 2(nd) year law student

3L = 3(rd) year law student

XXL = does not apply here

Can the convention be used elsewhere?

Possibly, but we wouldn't recommend it. To illustrate:

FindLaw Answers: Where Everybody Knows Your (Handle)

team cheer.jpgAh, Community

Whether misery loves company or happiness is meant to be shared, there is something about being part of a group, a team, a community of others that share experience which seems to provide a boost in challenging times.

Law Students, Associates, and Commiseration

And talk to a 1L, 2L, or 3L and you will likely find individuals bursting with experiences to share. Sure, being a law student can be exciting, but it can feel isolating at times. Mix in academic rigor with future uncertainty and looming debt, and you may find yourself brewing a stew that doesn't always seem like menu material. 

And while new associate-dom has the benefit of a J.D., it isn't necessarily the 'pass go and collect $200' card either. Understanding where you fit in a firm, company, or organization and what the typical expectations of someone in your shoes or stilettos are can take some getting used to.

Maybe that's why law students and new associates seek out active communities to join...on campus, in the field, and yes, right here online.

Online Legal Communities a la FindLaw

Knowing that you aren't going it alone, and that, in fact, you are joining a community of legal scholarship and practice is not only interesting, but even a little exhilarating.  The field of law is far more expansive than a single person and far more pervasive than a single case. Striving to understand it from multiple angles and through different lenses is what we as participants in the legal community can aim to achieve collectively.

So, these active online legal communities---pie in the sky, or do they actually exist?  Get out your vuvuzuelas, because you're closer than you think...

5 New Law Student Debt Relief Resources...and How to Apply

Equal Justice Works offers a number of resources to alleviate the burden of law student loan debt. Here are five recent student debt relief resources they have highlighted, and applications where applicable. Good luck!

1. Civil Legal Assistance Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (CLAAP)

For: Public interest lawyers, non-legal public service employees, law students, law school professionals, financial aid advisors, public service employers

Description: New loan repayment assistance program for civil legal aid attorneys. The Civil Legal Assistance Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (CLAAP) will repay a portion of eligible federal student loan debt for civil legal assistance attorneys who are employed full-time.

Application: Apply here.


2. Equal Justice Works Student Debt Relief Webinars

For: Public interest lawyers, non-legal public service employees, law students, law school professionals, financial aid advisors, public service employers

Description: Learn about student debt relief programs and the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. Attend free, live webinars to learn more about public service loan forgiveness, income-based repayment and how to qualify.

Top 10 Lists for Law Students & Associates


If you have been an avid or occasional reader of this blog, you probably noticed something. A list. Or two. Or more.  There are lists about getting into law school, getting out, and the gradients in between.

Why lists, you ask?

Lists let you communicate information in an organized, palpable format. And in the twitterized, social mediaological world of the modern law student and new associate---that can be a commodity.

And luckily, you seem to like lists. That is, at least, judging by the popularity of posts which happened to be lists. So here are a few of your favorite lists bundled together for you in, well, a handy list...