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Baller Wins at Basketball and Law School

It's rare for someone to dribble in both senses of the word at the same time: to spill liquid and to bounce a ball.

Used in a sentence, the baby dribbled while drinking but could not dribble a basketball. Paul Rowley, however, can really dribble.

He is both a college basketball player and a law student. That's what makes him rare.

Natural for Basketball

Rowley is a natural for basketball, if you consider he is 6 foot, eight inches tall. That kind of height will catch the attention of any coach.

But something else sets him apart at William & Mary. He is the only NCAA men's basketball player listed as a law student on a team roster.

"I had to do some real pitching to convince people to let me do it," he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "There were a lot of people skeptical about the idea who I had to sell on it."

That's because law school demands a lot of time, and men's basketball is just as competitive. Rowley, however, knows how to score.

Knows How to Score

On the basketball court, he has had some good games this year. But his GPA and LSAT scores were better.

The Colonial Athletic Association named him scholar-athlete of the year, and he has an internship at a Washington law firm for the summer. He plans to play in the summer league while learning sports law at Covington & Burling.

Sports law is a competitive field, but it seems like a good fit for Rowley. For him, competition seems to come naturally.

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