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Carlton Dance Can't Get a Copyright

If you ever watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or even vaguely know about it, one of the things you are likely to know is the Carlton Dance.

Alfonso Ribeiro, also known as Carlton Banks from the 90s hit TV show, and the current host of America's Funniest Home Videos, seems to be losing his fight for copyright protection for his signature comedic dance, which strangely, he wishes people would stop asking him to do. Sadly for Ribeiro, he's learning his copyright woes aren't unusual.

Judge Uses Government Credit Card to Buy Gas, Goes to Prison for It

A former state supreme court justice received a two-year prison sentence for his part in a scandal that took down the entire West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Allen Loughry was also sentenced to three years supervised release, fined $10,000, and ordered to pay $1,200 in restitution. Loughry was convicted for crimes that stemmed from using a government credit card to pay for personal travel.

Stealing gas is a low-level street crime, but it gets worse when you lie to authorities about it. Every judge should know that.

Avenatti Drama Continues: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Michael Avenatti sued a president on behalf of a pornstar, and it made him famous in his own right.

But then the spotlight got hot when he allegedly dragged his girlfriend across the floor of his apartment. His financial problems didn't help his celebrity status either.

Now Avenatti is back with another salacious, high-profile case. He says he got a tape of R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.

Disbarred Lawyer Flees After Allegedly Murdering His Mother

Facing 30 years for financial crimes, a disbarred attorney allegedly broke free of his ankle monitor, murdered his mother, and fled.

Richard Merritt, 44, was scheduled to report to prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly clients. Now police are looking for him because he allegedly stabbed his mother to death.

Family members said they never thought Merritt was capable of such violence. Police said he is "extremely dangerous."

Courtroom Spy Caught on Video Camera

It looked like someone was spying on the trial proceedings.

The courtroom's video camera was panning, titling, and focusing on the jury box. Then it moved to the counsel table and zoomed in.

It was not supposed to do that. It turned out somebody was spying on the court.

Don't Bug the Court and Never Bring Bedbugs to Court

So a lawyer walks into a courtroom and ...

No joke, a lawyer walked into a courtroom and bedbugs hopped out of his jacket. There are some things even insects won't do.

Seriously, officials closed the courthouse to have it treated for possible contamination. Then they let everyone but the lawyer back in. Just kidding.

Immigrant-Rights Lawyer -- and Her Child -- Detained at the Mexico Border

Attorney Nora Phillips had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The immigrant-rights lawyer, an attorney colleague, and others were detained after somebody flagged their passports. The lawyers think the U.S. government did it to retaliate against them for fighting against President Trump's immigration policies.

The adults will continue their battle over the border, but there's a really lousy chapter in the detention story. Phillips' seven-year-old daughter, who was along for a planned vacation, had to sleep on a cold floor and wait in another room while authorities questioned her mom.

Getting a Federal Clerkship at this Law School, Chances Are High -- Very High

Yale Law School consistently ranks at the top, giving law graduates a degree that can land jobs at high-paying law firms just about anywhere.

So why do more Yale law students go for federal clerkships than from any other law school? Before you answer that, remember clerks make only a fraction of what first-year associates make at BigLaw firms.

Yes, we know that law students typically apply for clerkships. But post-graduates who can make $200,000 right out of law school to go to BigLaw?

Lawyer Blames Hacker for Firm's Offensive Facebook Post

"A hacker did it."

Not to be judgmental, but that could be the weakest excuse since the dog ate your homework. However, that is the excuse given by an attorney from Florida whose Facebook account featured a rather distasteful post. The attorney made clear that he considered the post to be "disgusting."

Stealing Underpants Not a Good Look for Former Prosecutor

"Captain Underpants" was a best-selling book series, but the underpants thing didn't work out so well for an Iowa prosecutor.

Benjamin Stansberry, 42, had his law license suspended for stealing a colleague's underpants. He will be out of practice indefinitely, and cannot return to work unless he gets professional help.

It was bad enough that he got caught in the act. Thank goodness they didn't catch him with his pants down.