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Georgia Divorce Lawyer Killed by Husband of Former Client

An angry litigant walked into an attorney's office and shot him to death.

If it sounds familiar, that's because it happens far too often. Many people hate lawyers -- especially the adversaries -- and will rage on them.

Antonio Mari, however, was not a typical lawyer. People really liked him.

Former Jones Day Partner Sues Firm for Gender Bias

Jones Day has a mysterious history, which started more than 100 years ago when a founding partner was murdered in Cleveland.

Today, the firm is a multi-billion dollar business with some 2,500 lawyers around the world. But mystery again surrounds the law firm as a former partner has sued over a secretive "black box" compensation system.

Wendy Moore, on behalf of other female attorneys, claims the firm has a "code of silence" about pay that discriminates against women.

In what is certainly not a puzzling display in some hokey 'believe it or not' museum, West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry has just been charged with 22 criminal charges, including one count for taking a historic desk home with him from work.

Other charges include several varieties of fraud and false statements, as well as witness tampering. It is alleged that he misused "Supreme Court vehicles" and used his government credit card to fill up that car. While this may seem a bit petty, it's alleged that when he was questioned, he lied and engaged in further alleged misconduct.

Former Convict Defies Odds, Becomes a Lawyer

Tarra Simmons was troubled on every side, locked in a prison of her own making.

Incarcerated on drug and theft charges, she stared at the walls for almost two years. She never imagined what she recently experienced when she passed the bar exam.

"This day is the finale of a really long and hard journey that started when I was in prison," Simmons told the Associated Press. "When I was at my lowest moment, I never thought that it would be this amazing."

Lawsuit: Harvard Admissions Gave Asian Americans Low Personality Scores

It's hard to say that Harvard is being dumb.

But it is dumb to screen out students based on likability, isn't it? That's like high school popularity contest dumb.

According to a lawsuit based on extensive research, however, Harvard lowered the number of Asian-American admittees by giving them lower ratings for likability and other personality traits.

Paul Manafort Jailed for Alleged Witness Tampering

Paul Manafort should have packed his toothbrush before going to court.

That's because he wasn't going home after Judge Amy Berman Jackson sent him to jail for allegedly tampering with witnesses while he was out on bail. Jackson said she had no choice.

"I cannot turn a blind eye to this," she said in the Washington courtroom. "This is not middle-school. I can't take away his cell phone."

Now Manafort is in jail -- without his toothbrush or his cell phone.

Judge Can't Get Social Media Right

Judge Sandra L. McLaughlin has a problem controlling her words.

For years, the Kentucky judge has been known as the worst in Louisville because of her inappropriate remarks from the bench. Maybe she thinks she's funny, but nobody's laughing.

Now an ethics commission has reprimanded McLaughlin for comments she made on social media. She deleted the post, but not fast enough.

If you aren't at least partly motivated by greed, you may need to spend a little time reflecting on what does motivate you. After all, for lawyers, greed might actually be a good quality that clients may actually want you to possess.

Sure, wanting to do well for yourself, and your clients, on its own, isn't really greedy. But in the legal services industry, especially if you're expected to negotiate at arm's length with clients over your fees, some of those clients can certainly make you feel that way just for getting your regular rate. The same goes for when you're fighting your boss to get time off, or telling a client you need them to be okay without calling while you're on vacation. Below, you can find a few tips on how to be greedy when you need to get away for some much-needed self-care.

Recently, a New York lawyer pleaded guilty for her involvement in the "Taxi King's" $5 million tax fraud, which happened after the king himself pleaded guilty in a no-jail deal.

There are quite a few curious facts in this case, and one of the more curious ones (apart from the whole taxi-royalty being a thing) involves the fact that the no-jail deal for the Taxi King (a.k.a. Evgeny Freidman, a disbarred attorney), seemed to materialize conveniently after the recent raid on Michael Cohen's office. Apparently, the U.S. royal taxi court had ties to the current president's personal attorney. It seems nether the Taxi King, nor his attorney, will actually face any time behind bars.

Ex-Judge Gets Spanked for Lost-Pants Lawsuit

Some would say the ex-judge lost his pants. Others would say he lost his mind.

In any case, former administrative judge Roy Pearson, Jr. famously failed in his $67 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner who allegedly lost the jurist's pants. Now an ethics board has suspended Pearson for 90 days from the practice of law because of his "manifestly absurd" claims.

In a world where the law is sometimes turned upside down, it has to make you wonder: what kind of pants were they?