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Disgraced Judge Pleads Not Guilty to Ex-Wife's Murder

What happened to Lance Mason, the former state lawmaker and county judge who apparently stabbed his ex-wife to death?

For now, he is in custody for the alleged murder and faces life in prison -- especially if his sister has anything to do with it. According to reports, Mason called her and confessed.

But what happened to the former judge before that tragic day? It's impossible to know exactly when it happened, but it started years before the killing.

Lawyer Allegedly Created Fake Social Media to Influence Elections

The New York Times called Richard Luthmann "an eccentric, bow-tie-wearing lawyer," but that didn't tell half the story.

Luthmann was not wearing a bow tie last week because he was in jail, facing multiple charges that paint a very different picture of the Staten Island practitioner. He is looking at more than four years in prison for fraud and other crimes.

But that's not even the other half of the story. Luthmann allegedly tried to interfere with local elections in a small-scale, fake Facebook campaign. But why?

A recent report from American Lawyer and ALM explains the age-old conundrum of senior associates: Do you have to accept that offer of partnership?

When looking at the financial aspect of partnership, often senior associates find that accepting partnership actually will put less money in their pockets. This is usually due to the fact that partners are not normal W-2'ed employees, they're part-owners, and thus have to pay their own benefits in full, as well as their own employment taxes, insurance, and then there's the capital contributions partners are expected to make.

Actress Gets TRO Against Attorney Michael Avenatti

If lovers get into a physical fight, it's not too hard for someone to get temporary restraining orders against the other.

Courts often issue them based on declarations alone. Of course, the orders are only temporary until a court hearing.

Then the outcome depends a lot on the credibility of the witnesses. That's why in the case of the lawyer versus the actress, it will be a toss-up.

Let the BigLaw Bonus Sales Begin!

Did anybody not see that the Macy's Day Parade is just a big commercial?

That Black Friday is just a fake name for another Holiday Sale? That the "12 Days of Christmas" is just a countdown to Year-End Clearances?

Not to be a Grinch or anything, but what about the BigLaw Bonus Days? What exactly are these law firms selling, and does anybody really care?

First Came Love, Then Came $90,000 Ring, Then Came Jail

Scott Maasen was in love, but he was dealing with an occupational hazard.

He had been a prosecutor, then turned to the dark side of criminal defense. Along his hazardous career path, he picked up some bad habits.

Now he's going to prison for bankruptcy fraud, but that's not the worst part. His fianc�e will not be getting the $90,000 engagement ring he bought for her, and that means hell.

In a recent interview with Oprah promoting her new book Becoming, Michelle Obama dropped some knowledge, from an unlikely source, on unhappy lawyers everywhere.

Apparently, when finally confiding to her mother that she, Michelle Obama, who had graduated from Harvard Law, hated her job as a lawyer, was told: "Make the money, worry about being happy later." Obama's mama wasn't playing around.

Usually when a law firm's phone starts ringing off the hook, it's a good thing.

But when those callers have no idea why you called them and you weren't the one to actually call, naturally, things can get a little confusing. When that happens thousands of times, one can only assume it goes from confusing to infuriating.

Luckily for the real life law firm that was plagued by this, they were able to dig deep enough to find the culprit causing the telephonic mess and just recently secured a $12 million default judgment against them.

Lawyer of Indigent Clients Made Almost Half a Million Last Year

A lawyer makes almost half a million dollars representing indigent clients. What is wrong with this picture?

Nothing, really, because a contingency fee lawyer can make millions on single case for one indigent client. But that's not what we're talking about.

Marc Fratter, a criminal defense attorney, made more than $460,000 last year as appointed counsel for indigent clients. That has become a problem in Collin County, Texas.

While facing adverse consequences at work for misconduct is nothing to be celebrated, there are certainly times when taking one for the team, paying dues, or facing the music, is heralded as a rite of passage.

That's not the case when a lawyer, or anyone really, is busted watching porn in their office. That's a lonely, solitary, and embarrassing way to get in trouble. And for one partner at a prestigious BigLaw firm in London, his suspension will perhaps go down in history as one of the most embarrassing moments an attorney can be dealt. You see, that partner, clearly believing himself to be alone, began watching pornography at his desk, in his private office.

Allegedly, there may have been more going on, but thankfully, his hands were not visible. And if you're wondering how the whole world found out, that's where this story takes an unexpected turn.