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When was the last time you raised your hourly rates?

If it's been more than a year, you might want to consider evaluating the local legal market, and then raising your rates. Just like in any other industry, as you gain experience and your skills improve, you can command higher pay.

For current clients, you'll need to send out a notice of a rate increase, and unless your retainer agreement allows for rate increases upon reasonable notice, you may need to get permission from your clients, or have them sign an amendment.

'Pharma Bro' Lawyer Gets 18 Months for Aiding Scheme

Jodi Greebel collapsed in court as a judge sentenced her husband -- a former attorney for Martin Shkreli -- to 18 months in prison.

It was an awful day for lawyer Evan Greebel and his family, and the beginning of the end to a painful legal process. A jury labored to convict the former Kaye Scholer attorney, and even the judge was emotional at sentencing.

But for the victims, it wasn't about the jail time. It was about the $10 million that Greebel must pay for helping "Pharma Bro" Shkreli defraud investors.

Client, Going to Pick Up a File, Shoots His Lawyer to Death

An Indiana man shot and killed his lawyer while picking up a file at the attorney's house.

The shooter, an 83-year-old man, was a client in a civil case. According to reports, the attorney and his client were also long-time friends.

Police said they didn't know why the client killed T. Edward Page. Neither did the lawyer.

Judge Splits the Baby in Name Change Cases, Gets Sued for Transgender Bias

Judge Joseph W. Kirby is no King Solomon, but he knows how to split decisions.

He granted name changes for six transgender adults, and denied name changes for three transgender children this year. But unlike King Solomon who won praise for his baby-splitting decision, Kirby has been sued.

In Whitaker v. Kirby , parents sued the Ohio judge for allegedly discriminating against their transgender children by denying their requests for name changes. The case is getting attention of biblical proportions.

Two Tales of Success and Murder

The path to murder starts with a wrong turn, a twist in one life that ends another.

Far too many people follow it -- even successful people like lawyers and law students. Kenneil Cole, a young legal assistant, went down that path.

He was upward bound when he took that fateful turn. It happened somewhere between the first and eleventh time he pulled the trigger on his roommate.

Tax Fraud -- Some Lawyers' Biggest Temptation

Spending too much money is a common temptation for many successful professionals, including lawyers.

Like professional athletes who sometimes burn through fortunes without saving for retirement, some attorneys will spend their money on a flashy BMW while student loans burn holes in their pockets. That's a money-management sort of thing.

The biggest temptation for some practitioners, however, is a criminal sort of thing. It's tax fraud.

In a move that could upset West Virginia's appellate court system for a period of time, a house committee in the state's legislature has voted to impeach the entire West Virginia Supreme Court. The justices now face a full vote of the state house, followed by a vote in the state's senate.

And if you're wondering just what could prompt such a move by the house committee, you may have missed some big, recent (and wacky) headlines. In June of this year, former state supreme court judge Allen Loughry was charged with multiple criminal counts, including fraud for misusing the government Buick, wasting money, and stealing a historic desk. Given the recent vote, it looks like he didn't act alone.

Lawyer Steals $600,000 From Church, Really?

We've all heard of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but this lawyer is ridiculous.

John Shasanmi allegedly stole $600,000 from a New York church. He was supposed to hold the money in escrow for the Second Providence Baptist Church, but instead he transferred it to his personal bank account.

It's not like he's giving lawyers a bad name -- that's a given. But he has confirmed a rumor that the devil does have an advocate.

Fake Lawyer Makes Bank, But Has a Problem at the Bank

Phillip Asher figured the path to becoming a lawyer was too steep, so he just did business without a license.

He wasn't very good at the law, but he was pretty good at collections. He raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars before authorities caught up with him.

His big mistake -- besides practicing law without a license -- was extorting money from a party to settle a case. Everybody knows only licensed lawyers can do that.

A former president of the Brooklyn Bar Association was recently disbarred and is now facing criminal charges due to his alleged theft of nearly $160k from two clients.

The disbarred attorney, a former trusts and estates practitioner, is alleged to have withheld the proceeds from the sale of homes related to the settlement of the clients' respective estates in 2015. One client was owed nearly $40k, while the other didn't get paid the $120k that was coming to them. As a result, he's now facing felony second- and third-degree grand larceny charges in Nassau County court.