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BigLaw Partner Falsified Docs to IRS

Attorney Adam Wiensch meant well, but did it wrong.

Wiensch was trying to help clients transfer wealth to their children free of estate and gift taxes, which is possible in estate planning. But he crossed the line when he falsified documents and sent them to the Internal Revenue Service.

He should have known the IRS has estate tax attorneys, too. It cost Wiensch his job, his reputation, and his license -- for now.

Charges Filed Against Unknown Letter-Writer for Threatening Judge

Somewhere -- among hundreds of millions of Americans -- is a criminal stamp-licker.

Prosecutors have charged the unknown licker with sending a threatening letter to a judge. They don't know who the defendant is, but for now they're calling him John Doe.

They found his DNA on a stamp attached to an envelope. Unfortunately for the Wisconsin authorities, his DNA is not in the government's database.

Florida Supreme Court Squares Off With Governor

While one court drama played out in Washington, another one unfolded in Florida.

No, we're not talking about the hanging chads episode. That soap opera ended a decade ago.

In the latest installment of Florida reality television, the Florida Supreme Court says the governor cannot choose the next justices of the court. Believe it, or not.

Judges Gone Wild in Texas Political Controversy

It's not every day that a judge sues somebody.

It's even more rare when a judge sues another judge, but a Fort Worth jurist claims a supervising judicial officer retaliated against her. Although the suit says it's about politics, it's a lot more personal.

Judge Diane Scott Haddock claims Judge Patricia Baca-Bennett told her to "get her husband under control" to stop his political activity. That allegedly created a hostile work environment of Texas proportions.

Clerks Sue Over Pay, but Too Late

Nobody likes to leave money on the table.

In a card game, you might expect to lose money once in a while. But when your employer shorts you, that's something else.

So when two city clerks sued for $22,000 in unused sick pay, they expected to get it back. Instead, they got a bad hand.

Do you have any cases that you just absolutely dread working on? Or clients that you just wish you never signed up in the first place? Or a case with facts so bad you wish you were never even born? Do you have a penchant for hyperbole?

Well, given that a lawyer's job is to resolve legal problems, for your own mental health, you may want to consider seeing if any of those cases you view as torture can be cleared off your plate. And though your client holds the keys to settlement, there are definitely a few things you can discuss with your client to make it more attractive for them to settle.

For those lawyers out there dreaming of landing that celebrity client to help their practices take off, the following is a cautionary tale. Sometimes chasing and serving celebrities can land a lawyer in a whole lot of trouble.

Suge Knight's former attorney was recently arrested on bank fraud charges. He is alleged to have deposited 21 U.S. Treasury checks from tax refunds, totaling over $1 million in various client trust accounts. Unfortunately though, those checks were deemed stolen, though he isn't alleged to have done the stealing.

When it comes to wedding engagements, it's not uncommon for big law lawyers to go, well, big. And that's just what one big law associate in D.C. did. Though sadly, things didn't quite work out like he expected.

Acquiescing to his soon to be fianc�'s demands for a high quality 3.5 to 5 carat diamond ring, the attorney spent nearly $60K more than his original $40K budget. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for the pair, the engagement didn't last. However, that wasn't the end of the drama, which is likely to last as long as the loan payments on the $30K loan the attorney took out to be able to purchase the ring, particularly as he's filed a lawsuit seeking the return of the ring, and other financial damages.

Impeached Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court Sues Lawmakers

When a former state supreme court justice sues the governor and the entire legislature, you know something has to be wrong.

Actually, everything looked wrong when the West Virginia legislature voted to impeach the whole supreme court. One member of the court has pleaded guilty and another is facing charges in the government-spending scandal.

Robin Davis, however, is not going down without a fight. She says she did nothing wrong, sort of.

One Cook County judge is learning a hard lesson: People, and especially the people in your courthouse and chambers, don't want to know about the sexual conquests, or failures, of judges, no matter how sad you are that a former classmate you may or may not have been intimate with snubs you. Also, judges shouldn't refer to former classmates (or anyone for that matter) as a "bitch," even if you're talking to someone else. The internet might want to know, but that's a whole different thing.

While the allegations against the Cook County judge are still just that, he has been temporarily reassigned to administrative duty while the matter is being investigated and handled.