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Required Class: Avoiding Law School Debt

Before Rick Tallini went to law school in the 1990s, there was a film in driver's education class called "Death on the Highway."

It was an auto-accident documentary with color footage of accident victims to scare future drivers into safe driving. If it didn't traumatize them psychologically, at least it made them think twice before getting a driver's license.

Tallini, who is shouldering a student debt of more than $300,000, could have learned a thing or two from a class like that in law school. "Death by Student Debt" should be required before anyone gets a law license.

Oh Happy Day, $190,000 Starting Pay!

There's nothing quite like a pay raise to lift your spirits.

And with law firms raising starting salaries to all-time highs for new associates, it's a time for rejoicing. No more recession blues for those law graduates who make it to the top-paying law firms.

"Oh Happy Day," Christmas came early with big-time pay!

Want to Be a Diplomat? Go to Law School

Like so many things, becoming a diplomat is easier said than done.

Well, that's true for most people. If you were born a Kennedy, it might be that easy.

For the rest of us, it's sometimes a tricky political path. But if you go to law school, you are on your way.

Can a Lawyer Become a Sports Agent? Of Course!

A lawyer by trade, Scott Boras turned his skills to negotiating sports contracts.

In the process, he landed billions for his clients and earned hundreds of millions for himself. Forbes named him back-to-back "The World's Most Powerful Sports Agent."

But that's not important to you right now. What you want to know is, how do you get there. As a wise man -- not Jerry Maguire -- once said, "No matter where you go, there you are."

BigLaw Luring Partners Like Hollywood Stars

BigLaw firms are courting partners like they were Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes, according to reports.

It's basically the money, says the New York Times. Firms like Kirkland & Ellis are wooing away star partners with seven figure salaries -- sometimes three times more than their prior firms paid them.

Of course, there are other perks that come with big money. As it happens in celebrity world, however, it doesn't always work out so well for the supporting cast.

It's a Good Time to Look Into Anti-Discrimination Law Career Options

If a new law dean is any indication, it may be a good time to consider anti-discrimination law.

Kimbery Yuracko, a scholar in anti-discrimination law, has been appointed dean of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. She joined the faculty there in 2011, and gained national renown for her work in anti-discrimination, gender equity and employment law.

With Yuracko at the helm, Pritzker may be the place to go for training in those fields. Meanwhile, the courts are opening up the law business for cases based on sexual orientation discrimination.

For all but a handful of recent grads, finding a 'partnership track' associate position may seem like a pipe dream. However, with the increased prevalence of two-tiered partnership structures at many law firms, some job seekers may want to focus on firms with a two-tier partnership structure to increase their chances of ever even making it to partnership.

In short, a two-tiered partnership splits the law firm's partners into two groups: equity and non-equity partners. Being offered a position as either comes with a couple big caveats, as well as a couple big perks.

It's Happening: Fewer Law Students Means More Jobs

The good news is that nearly 3 percent more law graduates got jobs in 2017 than the previous year.

The bad news is that's because there were fewer graduates last year. With declining enrollments in recent years, the graduating class for 2017 shrunk by about 6 percent.

But maybe the bad news is not so bad, after all. When you do the math, fewer sharks in the water means more fish for everybody else.

As a newly minted lawyer facing your first real interview for a job as a lawyer, being prepared is critical. Unfortunately for the uninitiated, getting prepared can be an anxiety inducing whirlwind of scouring the internet for information and talking to yourself in the mirror.

Since the most common place to start when preparing for anything is with the man in the mirror, below, you can find a collection of blog posts to help you prepare for your interview the right way.

It is not every day that an employer can settle a class action employment lawsuit by putting a group of massage therapists on staff, but that's just how Harvard gets things done.

However, before you start thinking that demanding massage therapists will get your lawsuit settled, it should be noted that this class action was filed on behalf of a group of individuals that worked at Harvard, but were improperly classified as independent contractors rather than employees under state law. In addition to being reclassified as employees, the class members will receive up to $30K in back pay for unpaid benefits, as well as be considered part of the university employee union.