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Do you follow celebrity gossip to escape from the mundane reality that is law school (or firm life)?

If so, there's some interesting and recent celebrity law school news. Apparently, in addition to America's second first daughter being enrolled in law school, two other (somewhat) big names have announced that they're starting law school this fall.

Arizona Summit Law School Cancels Classes, Sends Students Packing

Classes at Arizona Summit Law School are out. Forever.

At least it's the beginning of the end at the Phoenix institution, and the law school shows little sign of coming back. Officials have cancelled fall classes, and are working on transfers for the remaining students.

About one-third of them already had plans to transfer, leaving about 70 students scrambling one week before the fall semester was supposed to start. Now they are getting a lesson in how to think on their feet.

Law students in these modern times are certainly equipped with more technology than any generation of law students that came before them.

However, not much of that new tech is actually going to help with law school. Beyond a laptop and smartphone, you don't need much more. Sure, an Apple Watch might look great and be helpful in the gym, but in the classroom, it's an unneeded distraction, but one you might still want.

Below, you'll find a shortlist of unnecessary tech that can help you stay focused, healthy, and succeed in law school.

For law students, bad study habits can quickly turn a semester from good to what-happened!?!

Sure, whether you're going to get called on in lecture is as likely as rolling doubles, but that doesn't mean you should slack off or short-shrift your preparation. There are better ways to get your thrills than agonizing over whether you're going to have to fudge your way through a Socratic barrage.

Below you can read about the five worst study habits that law students need to stop right now.

Law Students: How Much Does Faculty Diversity Matter?

If what researchers are saying is true, law students might want to start demanding a more diverse faculty.

A study found that first-year students at a top law school were three percent less likely to get an "A" or "A-" when the class was taught by a person of the opposite sex. If the professor was a different race, the bad news for students bumped to 10 percent.

Also, this problem affected non-white female students the most.

ABA Shuts Down LSAT -- Almost, Not Really

Some conventions die hard, like law school admission exams.

The American Bar Association was considering whether to kill off the requirement, but then pulled the proposal off the table. A group of young lawyers said maybe it's not such a good idea.

After all, they said, admissions tests will let prospective students know if they have a chance at becoming a lawyer. May as well destroy their dreams early, right?

Applying to law school is an exciting time for prospective law students. And for those applicants that are more interested in starting law school than going to a particular law school, applying to a couple "safety-net" schools isn't the worst idea.

Of course, minimally, you need to ensure that every school you apply to is ABA accredited. However, there are a few benefits to carefully selecting your backup schools. Below you can read three tips on figuring out which backup school is right for you.

For incoming law students, the first few weeks can really be critical. Not only are you meeting all your new classmates, professors, and getting thrown into the deep end of legal study, you're taking on a modest home worth of debt to do it.

While you won't be able to escape the pressure and stress of it all, you can certainly do a few things to help lessen both. Below are a few tips to help keep you ahead of the curve.

Five Reasons Amphetamines Are Not Good Study Aids

Adderall is an amphetamine, and it can help people focus and stay alert.

But it's not like a Red Bull that you can pick up at the corner store. It requires a doctor's prescription to use.

Unfortunately, too many students are using drugs like Adderall to help them focus in law school. They should know better, but here are five reasons amphetamines are not good study aids:

Law School Presidents Headed for the Sidelines

Two law school presidents are calling it quits, leaving beleaguered organizations as the new semester starts.

Donald Lively of Arizona Summit School of Law said he has been thinking about it for a while. Don LeDuc, dean and president at Thomas Cooley Law School, is retiring.

It's like the off-season in sports, when coaches sometimes leave their teams. If you didn't notice, it's the off-season for law schools.