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Don't Stress! Summer Reading for Law Students

Summer reading, especially for law students, should be about summer vacation.

It's not the time to be cramming for tests. There will be plenty of opportunities for that in law school.

Rather, it's a time to relax with a good book, drift off into another world, and forget about the ... OMG! Law school is about to start!

ABA Revokes Accreditation for Arizona Summit Law School

Arizona Summit Law School will soon be appearing in the obituaries section for law schools.

The school has been on life support for months, and the American Bar Association just pulled the plug on its accreditation. It's apparently the first ABA law school to have its accreditation revoked.

They can put that on its tombstone because this school is all but dead. Either that, or "We Told You So."

Required Class: Avoiding Law School Debt

Before Rick Tallini went to law school in the 1990s, there was a film in driver's education class called "Death on the Highway."

It was an auto-accident documentary with color footage of accident victims to scare future drivers into safe driving. If it didn't traumatize them psychologically, at least it made them think twice before getting a driver's license.

Tallini, who is shouldering a student debt of more than $300,000, could have learned a thing or two from a class like that in law school. "Death by Student Debt" should be required before anyone gets a law license.

How Troubled Law Schools Are Finding Ways to Stay Afloat

When the going gets tough, some law schools close.

As the death toll of law schools continues, it's clear the post-recession blues are not over. In case you didn't hear it, the funeral march began a few years ago.

The trend continues this year, with some law schools hanging on by their fingernails. May they succeed or forever rest in peace.

For those prospective law students who are excited for starting law school, there's plenty of advice out there on all the things you should be doing. However, now that you're about to start your journey toward a legal career, there are also quite a few things you need to stop, or avoid, doing entirely.

Below are five things you definitely shouldn't do before your first day of law school.

With graduation parties happening around the country, many people might be wondering what some practical gifts are for law grads.

Considering that law graduations are about as anticlimactic as they come thanks to the bar exam looming over nearly every law grad, there are still some excellent and practical graduation gifts that could mean quite a lot to the law grad in your life.

These days, some private law schools are struggling to attract students and win accolades. However, one relatively new law school is getting some positive attention for teaching students how to win appeals in the Ninth Circuit.

Surprisingly, that law school isn't located in California, or even in the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction. But for the past five years in a row, St. Thomas Law School, located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, has not just had students argue appeals before the Ninth Circuit, those students have won an appeal every year. And as a point of interest, St. Thomas Law School was only just established in 1999 and got ABA accredited a few years later.

Denver Law School to Pay $2.66 Million to Women Professors

While law school professors are not known for being underpaid, Lucy Marsh, a full professor at the University of Denver law school, was certain something wasn't right.

So she, and six others, sued the school alleging unequal pay and gender discrimination. At first, the law school said she was paid less because of "substandard scholarship, teaching and service." But now theuniversity has agreed to pay $2.66 million to settle the case.

ABA Sued for Accrediting Charlotte Law School

In law school, professors typically teach causation as part of torts in the first year.

It's not an especially difficult concept -- compared to the law against perpetuities -- but it can trip up even seasoned litigators. Sometimes the light only goes on after a third amended complaint when a case is dismissed.

A former professor and a student at Charlotte School of Law should know something about causation, and so they have sued the American Bar Association for their problems at the law school. If Rube Goldberg rules apply, they may have a case.

Michael Cohen: Cooley Law School's Problem Right Now

Thomas M. Cooley Law School has a reputation problem.

No, it's not about the latest accreditation issue or its open-door-to-anybody policy. Those have been problems for years.

It's about Michael Cohen, its most famous graduate right now. That has turned Cooley into "the worst law school in America."