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Brendan Dassey's court appointed attorney, Len Kachinsky, was recently acquitted on felony stalking charges.

And while it's rather shocking he faced those charges to begin with, particularly as he had become a municipal judge in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin, one of the allegations just defies all credulity, unless you know more about Len. Apparently, the now infamous former attorney has a habit of meowing, and he admitted it.

Being a law student may come with quite a bit of added stress, but that didn't stop one brave legal scholar from jumping into action during the recent shooting at a hot yoga studio in Florida.

And while he risked his life and did get pistol whipped, he also saved several people's lives. Joshua Quick was at the hot yoga studio and took cover when gun fire erupted. When he heard a break in the gun fire, he saw a vacuum cleaner, grabbed it and hit the gunman over the head with it. Then he grabbed a broom and continued fighting off the gunman while others escaped. In recognition of his heroic act and bravery, not only was he awarded the "key to the city" in super-hero fashion by the mayor, his law school's university president and university board decided to put up their own personal funds to pay for the rest of Quick's law school.

Shopping for lawyers is never easy, especially if you consider the fact that the person you are shopping for is a lawyer, or will be one very soon. Lawyers are, by nature, picky, and by trade, generally able to buy whatever they want for themselves, or will be able to very soon at least. And with Black Friday fast approaching (or already past depending on when you read this), time is already running out to find that perfect gift.

If you're a lawyer, you probably figured it out pretty soon after becoming one: lawyers are regular people and want the same regular things that other people want as gifts. Yes, we know the law and that's awesome, but we're still humans, just generally a bit more logical. Basically, if you're shopping for a lawyer, the difficult part might just be finding something thoughtful that they don't already have.

Below, you can get some helpful advice on shopping for the lawyers in your life.

The 3 Best TV Judges

When it comes to TV judges, it seems like everyone has an opinion. And while normally lawyers don't like to hand out our opinions for free, when it comes to who the best judge on TV is (or was), most will be quick to explain that they're all hacks.

However, these days, who isn't some sort of hack at something, and "reality" court television shows that pit untrained individuals against each other before a questionably trained "judge" can be pretty darn funny.

Below you can read a little bit about three of the best TV judges out there.

While many lawyers might find inspiration in the antics and high-profile style of Michael Avenatti, none are likely to envy his status after today. The lawyer turned TV sensation was taken into custody, allegedly related to serious domestic violence charges.

However, it's worth noting that any of the early reports should be considered cautiously as TMZ has already misreported, and other agencies re-reported, that Avenatti's recently estranged wife was involved, when in fact, she was not. Currently, it is unknown who made the allegations other than descriptions of a woman with bruises on her face.

From a lawyer's perspective, watching actors portray the profession has gone from frustrating to even worse. Especially when The Grinder got cancelled. (Seriously, who's in charge of these things?)

Not only are lawyers routinely cast in roles where deceit and trickery are shown to just be part of the job or their personalities (see Better Call Saul or Billions), but there seems to be a voracious thirst for stories about lawyers falling from grace. Heck, even the DA's are flubbing cases from time to time on Law and Order these days.

From Olympic Star to Lawyer Hero

Attorney and gold medalist Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an all-around American hero.

Not only did she win three gold medals and one silver in the 1984 Summer Olympics in swimming, she was instrumental in raising awareness and fighting to end sexual and other abuses against student and young athletes.

But she didn't start out on the path to lawyer/hero until after her Olympic success. After the '84 Olympics, she returned to school, finished her undergraduate degree, then began working for the Women's Sports Foundation. Eventually, in the mid-90s she attended and graduated from Georgetown University Law, and began transitioning from star to hero.

Love Your Lawyer Day Is A-Okay

Every year, on the first Friday of November, Love Your Lawyer Day just gets better and better, at least for the lawyers that are loved. It's pretty much one big marketing holiday, and given how dreaded legal marketing is, you should be willing to take all the help you can get.

People are generally friendlier, the amount of online vitriol is generally less (or at least drowned out by the love), and if you happen to get called out for it on social, it could actually boost your social cred. And let's face it, social media is a big deal and can be an effective way to maintain a marketing presence in front of potential legal consumers.

The Making a Murderer series on Netflix is back for its second season, and the new star is Steven Avery's new defense attorney, Kathleen Zellner.

Viewers and social media are loving her, and it's probably due to the fact that she's tenacious and persuasive. If that name sounds familiar, it's because you've probably read one of the many stories about one of the many wrongfully convicted clients that she has helped to free from prison. And if she's successful at freeing Steven Avery, she'll bring that count up to 20. Simply put, in the civil rights world, she's already a star, so she seemed to be a natural fit for Avery and the documentary.

The $4.8M Avenatti Judgment

While presidential hopeful and powerhouse high-profile attorney Michael Avenatti might claim to have nothing in common with our current president, the two certainly seem to be peas in a pod when it comes to being lightning rods for legal trouble.

Most recently, multiple headlines have highlighted a judgment against Avenatti. Apparently a California state court judge has entered judgment against Avenatti to the tune of $4.85 million in relation to a breach of contract with Jason Franks, a former associate or junior partner of Avenatti's old firm, Eagan Avenatti. And despite the multimillion dollar judgment, Avenatti doesn't seem to be sweating it in the least bit.