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The visionary non-profit behind 'Sesame Street,' Sesame Workshop, is likely plush with disappointment, both over its loss in court, and over the Streisand effect caused by the lawsuit it filed against the makers of the upcoming 'The Happytime Murders' movie.

That upcoming film is something a little different than what you'd expect from a puppet-centric film. For one, it's R rated. It also features Jim Henson-style Muppets (sorry Velcro) behaving badly. The filmmakers, which include Jim Henson's son, advertised the film with the following tagline: "No Sesame. All Street." And as a result of that tagline, and other factors, the Sesame Workshop sued to enjoin the film from tarnishing the good 'Sesame Street' name.

And the way it played out is nothing short of a great lesson for children, and lawyers, of all ages.

BigLaw Firms Ditch the Booze at Summer Associate Events

Some law firms finally got the memo: stop serving alcohol at firm events.

It's not like Prohibition; we know how that turned out. But law firms are learning that drinking alcohol is not a good idea at work.

Maybe alcohol-free zones -- like smoke-free zones -- will become the norm someday. In the meantime, major law firms have decided it's about time.

For those lawyers seeking out high profile cases, catching a case against a celebrity can potentially be more lucrative than representing one.

While there are myriad ways to market to this incredibly small pool of potential clients, it's not an impossible feat, particularly as some celebrities seem to repeatedly expose themselves to tort and contract liability. Below you can read about five such celebrities, presented in no significant order, that can be aptly called lightning rods for lawsuits.

Recently, Justice Ginsburg was 'interviewed' by a TMZ 'reporter' as she walked through Reagan National Airport in D.C. During the brief encounter, as the reporter briskly walked alongside the justice and what appeared to be her security personnel, he asked such astounding questions as:

- Would you ever change your career with Judge Judy if you had the opportunity?
- Do you love Judge Judy?
- Would you ever exchange careers, at least for a year, with her?

While the justice did seem to be a little vexed at first, she did answer the second and third questions rather clearly. In response to being asked whether she loved Judy, she said: "I don't watch television." And to the offer to temporarily "exchange" careers with the highly paid TV judge, Justice Ginsburg provided a clear "no," that seemed to laugh its way out of her.

The Bill Cosby criminal retrial is underway, and while what's happening inside the courtroom has been making headlines, outside the courtroom on the first day of trial, a former Cosby Show actress stole the show.

Actress and singer Nicolle Rochelle pulled off a rather provocative stunt during the demonstration happening outside the Pennsylvania courthouse where Cosby's trial was set to begin. Rochelle didn't just jump the barricade and rush Cosby with a fist in the air, as he was entering the courthouse, she did so while topless. Emblazoned on her body were the words "Women's Lives Matter," as well as "rapist" and the names of many of Cosby's accusers. Luckily for the disgraced comedian, sheriff's stopped Rochelle within feet of her reaching Cosby.

Who Is Your Rock Star Judge?

Let's say you're a Bob Dylan fan because sometime in his storied career he spoke to your soul.

Spoke, not sang, because the man sings only a little better than Fergie sang at the NBA all-star game. But that's just one critic's opinion.

The point is, we choose our rock stars because something they do appeals to us. So why not have a rock star judge?

Some lawyers get famous by getting into politics. Some lawyers get famous by representing other famous people, or as a result of high profile injuries. And, sometimes, prosecutors can find fame prosecuting the famous.

Attorney Marcia Clark falls into that last camp, and if you didn't know that, just pretend like you did, otherwise some of us are going to start feeling really old. Marcia has seen quite a bit of media attention over the last few years thanks to the recent shows about O.J. Simpson that aired. Clearly, it looks like Clark has been able to parlay those spinoffs into a television opportunity all her own. But it's not like Clark has been idle since the nineties. If you do just a little bit of digging, it's easy to see that Marcia has been working it hard.

While much of the new legal tech out there is focused on helping lawyers do their jobs more efficiently and profitably, one lawyer has started a website geared at improving the access to justice problem, at least when it comes to divorce in New York County and California.

The newly launched website, by the divorce lawyer to the stars, Laura Wasser, It's Over Easy, promises individuals seeking divorce a simple, user friendly way to do it, on the ever so trendy subscription model. The website allows users to work independently, or in conjunction with a soon to be former spouse. And also provides for various levels of subscription pricing to fit different budgets and needs.

Even before Judge Aaron Persky's notoriously light sentencing of the Stanford University athlete, the Brock Turner sexual assault case made national headlines due to the nearly unfathomable facts of the case. Turner was found on top of his unconscious victim, behind a dumpster, by two other students, who held him until police could arrive. He claimed the sex was consensual, while his victim didn't remember it happening.

Despite the fact that prosecutors were seeking six years, Turner was only sentenced to six months. Judge Persky cited Turner's lack of a criminal history, his character, his intoxication, and his remorsefulness as justification for the slap on the wrist sentence.

Filming Done, Ginsburg Goes on Speaking Tour

With the premiere of RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has transcended the fame of her illustrious legal career.

Ginsburg is more than a pioneer of women's rights. She is more than the most famous sitting-member of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Notorious RBG is, in the words of many fans, an "icon" and a "rock star."

Following her documentary's showing at the Sundance Film Festival, now Ginsburg is on a speaking tour. It comes at a time when women are speaking out like never before.