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On the heels of the Google walkout protesters getting one of their important demands met, Facebook announced that it too will follow Google's lead and end mandatory arbitration for sexual harassment claims.

Now, at both Facebook and Google, an employee bringing a sexual harassment claim has the option to proceed via arbitration or the courts. Additionally, at Facebook, a new policy was announced requiring management level employees (at director level or above) to report if they date someone within the company.

In a piece of good tech news, Google seems to have assented to at least one of the demands made by the organizers of last week's big Google walkout.

The company has decided to end mandatory arbitration for all claims of sexual harassment or assault, and make arbitration optional, at the election of the employee. Additionally, Google created a clear policy allowing employees to bring a companion with them to meetings with HR, in an effort to respond to the protesters' demand for more transparency.

MGM Resorts Eyes Merger With Caesars Entertainment

When MGM Resorts hired law firm Weil, Gotshal & Magnes, investors at Caesars Entertainment were ready to gamble.

Caesars had rejected a merger offer from Golden Nugget Casinos last year, and then announced its chief executive officer was stepping down this February. Now the lawyers are in the house.

It means that either the casinos are in trouble, or they are going to double down on a new deal. Investors are betting on a merger.

10 Signs of a Great Franchisor

Entrepreneurs and franchisors are not the same; they're not even synonyms.

But too many people think that if they can start a business, they can run a franchise. Forbes writer Fione Simpson says, not really.

"It's a whole different ball game," she says. Without the right skills in a franchisor, it could be the the Red Sox v. Dodgers all over again.

Facebook and Google Face Billions in New Taxes, Maybe

Benjamin Franklin said death and taxes are certain, but he was an American.

Americans shouldn't have to worry about foreign taxes, right? According to reports, however, foreign countries are trying to tax internet giants like Facebook and Google.

They can't collect income taxes from the U.S.-based companies, so they want "digital taxes" for services in their countries. Benjamin Franklin might be rolling over in his grave except for one thing: he was quite the foreign diplomat.

The Next Big Money Thing in Fintech

Investors poured more than $5.4 billion into fintech startups -- in the first three months of 2018.

That's not just a lot of money; it's a trend. Fintech investment jumped nearly five times higher in the past seven years, topping out at $27.5 billion in 2017.

At the current pace, it could surpass that number this year. The $64,000 question for startups is: May we have more, please?

Penn State GC Cleared of Ethics Violations in Sandusky Case

When football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing boys, the locker room talk changed.

It was no longer about what he did in the showers; it was about who covered for him. Three university officials soon joined Sandusky on the guilty bench.

But no one thought their lawyer would be in trouble. Cynthia Baldwin, after all, was a former justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Across the world today, Google employees participated in a walkout to protest the management's handling of sexual harassment and gender inequity at the company.

What was expected to be a small walkout of a few hundred turned out to be massive event with thousands of employees taking part. The organizers curated a list of rather specific demands focused on improving the culture via policies aimed at transparency and inclusivity.

3 Ways to Fly Below Regulatory Radar

Flying below the radar could be a risky thing.

Literally, it means that your aircraft could be be flying low enough to hit buildings. The trade-off is to fly lower than radar can detect and avoid anti-aircraft fire.

Figuratively, that's the goal for many businesses that want to avoid regulatory entanglement. Here are some ways to avoid the risks.

3 Ways Flextime Can Work Better

Making flextime work is really a matter of perspective.

On one side, the employee wants flexibility to do things outside work. On the other side, the employer is all about getting the work done.

So now, you want us to tell you something you didn't know, right? Well, here are three ways to make flextime work better.