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Breaking records is usually a good thing. However, when a company breaks a record for paying out the largest settlement in a particular government agency's history, it might not actually be something to be proud of, especially if that settlement is related to violations of consumer protection laws.

However, for Wells Fargo, the recent record breaking billion-dollar settlement might not actually be that bad for the banking behemoth. Given the high settlement value, a judgment could have actually been more than the drop in the bucket that a single billion represents to the bank with total holdings at nearly $2 trillion. For context, a billion dollars is not even 0.1 percent of two trillion, it's half that.

GoPro Appoints New General Counsel

Eve Saltman is the new general counsel at GoPro, and how cool is that?

Seriously, where else would you want to work than at a company that keys the coolest videos ever? Well, maybe a law job at the studio behind Star Wars, but still.

In the meantime, Saltman is flying high on her new gig. The company really wanted her, too.

Miramax Has a New General Counsel

It looks like Robert Osher, the new general counsel and chief operating officer at Miramax, has good timing.

The industry veteran returns to Miramax after seven years as president of Sony Pictures Digital Productions, and will pick up where he left off with new opportunities and direction. The company was founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, but Osher dodged that bullet because Miramax was sold to Walt Disney before his time.

Now Miramax is headed by Bill Block, a finance leader in the film industry, and new ownership. For Osher, that means growth and hope for more good timing.

In the eyewear business, the newest big player may only have 1 percent of the four-eyed market share, but if the pre-IPO investors are right, they could be in for a big post-IPO payday.

Warby Parker, the ecommerce-first, and affordable, eyewear retailer, is making headlines after its most recent round of funding raised $75 million at a valuation of $1.75 billion. For eyewear with nerdiness as the defining characteristic, the incredibly popular brand is expected to continue growing until its IPO, at least so long as Millennials keep buying those oversized frames. Though pundits seem to disagree about whether the IPO is around the corner or a far off bend.

Toys 'R' Us to Liquidate All U.S. Stores

Toys 'R' Us is having the post-Christmas sale that many people saw coming.

That's because the company is in bankruptcy, and there appears to be no way out except liquidation. According to reports, it is making preparations for the big sale now.

It will mark the end of a store that put toys under American Christmas trees for generations. But this Christmas, there will be no more Toys "R" Us.

After 5 Decades of Data Fraud, Kobe Steel CEO Quits

It's been a really bad week for foreign steel.

Last week, President Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on all steel imports. This week, Japan's third-largest steelmaker announced its chief executive officer is resigning in a cloud of malfeasance.

The events are not necessarily related, unless you are in foreign steel. In which case, that grating sound may be your stock portfolio or your job grinding to a halt.

Amazon Reportedly Cutting Hundreds of Corporate Jobs

Seattle is America's biggest company town thanks to Amazon.

The online giant has more office space than the city's next 40 biggest employers combined, the Seattle Times reported last summer. It's 8 million-square-footprint there is expected to grow to more than 12 million square feet in the next five years.

Well, that was last year. This year, Amazon is laying off people.

Lululemon's CEO, Laurent Potdevin, abruptly resigned amid a vague company statement claiming there was some misconduct involving employees. Details are few, but, from what is known, one thing is for sure, Potdevin doesn't seem to be facing any real consequences. To exit, Potdevin will receive nearly $5 million.

Unfortunately for Lululemon, despite the company seeming to pull out ahead of a public scandal, their stock price took a hit on the news. As noted by Bloomberg, the company has recently suffered some rather high turnover in management. Potdevin had only taken over as CEO in 2014.

When Sexual Misconduct Costs a Company $2 Billion -- in a Day

Steve Wynn, the billionaire casino owner, knows something about high risks.

But he had no clue about how devastating his high risk behavior could be to his company. When allegations about his sexual misconduct became very public recently, Wynn Resorts lost $2 billion -- in a day.

That's how the market responds to stories that don't sell so well these days. In the Weinstein era, it is especially bad business to let sexual harassment go unchecked.

Sports Fantasy Companies Could Pay 15 Percent Revenue Tax

Two things are certain: taxes and the death of an industry.

At least it could be that way for fantasy sports, which is in the crosshairs of lawmakers in Massachusetts. The legislature wants to impose a 15 percent tax on fantasy sports companies there, including the biggest players in the industry.

At the same time, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to open up betting on real sports everywhere in America. So does it portend the end of fantasy sports betting? Don't bet on it.