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When it comes to going in house, or "joining the dark side" as many in house and GCs joke, there are no shortage of perks.

And if you're considering attempting to transition into (or get your start in) an in house or GC roll, you're either doing it for a love of money or a love of industry. If it's the former (which it usually is), first off, you should know that not every in house strikes it rich. It can spectacularly backfire. But if you're going for the gold, below you can read about the four highest paying industries for in house counsel.

Former Lionsgate Lawyer Tells of 'Dehumanizing' Harassment

When the curtain went up on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, everyone already knew the story behind the Hollywood casting couch.

Powerful producer takes advantage of ingenue. It was shocking mostly because there were so many, including famous actresses who had kept it to themselves for years.

That was Act One in the #MeToo movement. In Act Two, a powerful Hollywood lawyer takes advantage of an associate attorney. It is not for general audiences.

For Disney, a recently filed lawsuit alleges that the family-friendly entertainment conglomerate has gender-biased employment policies. The plaintiff, a former flying, or aerial, dancer at the "Festival of the Lion King," a show at the Disney's Animal Park Kingdom, is claiming that she was fired while out on leave after giving birth to twins via C-section.

After being on leave for nearly a year, she was told that she was fired when she returned. Curiously, she claims that she was not notified of her termination, which occurred a couple months before her return. Though she was given the opportunity to audition for her old part, she was denied, and her lawsuit followed.

What If Your GC Does Something Bizarre?

From all appearances, Julie Ezell was an exceptional general counsel.

At the relatively young age of 39, she was guiding legislation for the Oklahoma State Department of Health. She had unusual support from the community, especially on new laws affecting medical marijuana users.

So it was a shock when she reported receiving death threats. It was even more shocking when she confessed to making it up.

NFL Panthers Fire General Counsel

Richard Thigpen, general counsel of the Carolina Panthers, is headed to the sidelines for good.

Team owner David Tepper fired Thigpen as part of an overhaul following a sex scandal involving prior owner Jerry Richardson. According to reports, Richardson touched female employees, asked them sexual questions, and tried to trick them into kissing him.

Thigpen had nothing to do with that -- except for reviewing non-disclosure agreements with team employees. It's a reminder that general counsel sometimes have to answer for the sins of their bosses.

For in-house counsel, and employees across the legal industry, while competitive pay is important, some benefits, like telecommute, flextime, and a solid vacation policy, can make all the difference when it comes to retaining top talent.

Perhaps two of the biggest ways companies can give employees more without shelling out more money involves creating a culture employees want to be a part of, and respecting the time of their most coveted, and hard to replace, talent.

Sleeping on the Job May Be a Good Thing

For truck drivers, falling asleep at the wheel is a bad thing. Sleeping in between stops is a good thing.

It's more or less the same for all workers. It's better to get good sleep than to push through on an empty tank.

So how to make sure employees get the rest to do their best? It starts with setting nature's clock.

Uber Executive Quits Amidst Racial Discrimination Probe

Liane Hornsey, head of human resources at Uber, abruptly quit following an investigation about how she handled racial discrimination claims there.

According to reports, Hornsey dismissed internal complaints of racial discrimination and retaliated against whistleblowers at the company. Reuters, which broke the story, said it "raises questions about Uber's ability to reform its culture and change some of its toxic behaviours."

Although Uber cleaned house after widespread sexual harassment claims last year, it's hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel for the ride-sharing company.

As we enter summertime, general counsel may want to consider requiring a bit of annual preventative maintenance (or confirming that it has been done) to avoid exposure and annoying headaches.

Yes, technically, whoever is in charge of facilities should have already done so, but making sure that your employees have a climate controlled environment, in some places, is absolutely critical, before summertime is fully underway. And, while that facilities manager might try to give you some line about how you don't need a professional to come out an inspect your AC system every year, they don't know the waste of time you'll be faced with if an employee files an OSHA complaint, or worse, someone passes out cause the AC breaks during a heatwave.

Below are a few reasons why you should always make sure your office's AC is in tip-top shape before the summer heatwaves hit.

For in-house lawyers, climbing the ranks to a management position requires showing that you have leadership abilities. One way to show those qualities is via proper email etiquette.

Unfortunately, printing out a stack of your emails to show your interviewers isn't going to get you very far. But if you're trying to climb an internal ladder, exercising proper email etiquette is critical when there are "carbon copies" or "CCs." Failing to do so could earn you a lasting reputation as a luddite.

Here are three email etiquette tips to be a better leader.