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Fox Sets Date to Vote on Merger With Disney

Wait, what? Fox is merging with Disney?

Does that mean there will be an animated movie featuring Donald Trump and Sean Hannity? Who will be the voice-actors? Will it be rated P-13?

Lighten up, everybody, it's Friday somewhere. Besides, some of the rumors about the deal are true.

CVS to Buy Aetna for $69 Billion

If you thought you saw this movie before, it was actually in a different universe.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Aetna announced that it bought Humana for about $37 billion. That was before a black-robed judge shot the deal down.

Now CVS is buying Aetna in a $69 billion merger. That's what's playing now, and it's probably not a sequel.

Trump Administration Sues to Block Time Warner Merger

Did you see the photobomb behind the AT&T-Time Warner deal?

President Trump tweeted it earlier this year. The fake video shows him pouncing on a CNN-faced victim at a wrestling event.

Strangely, it's the backstory to the proposed merger and is more interesting than the news. The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to block the deal, and CNN is being dragged into the fight.

How to Reject Buyout Offers

Year-end sales don't just happen in retail businesses.

This year, at least, big business is also in the market. Broadcom wants to buy Qualcomm, and Hasbro is negotiating to get Mattel.

So far, the would-be sellers have rejected the offers. But lawyers are working through the holidays and talking about how to say "no" between the lines.

Broadcom Wants to Buy Qualcomm

Will Qualcomm accept Broadcom's offer to buy the mobile-phone chipmaker?

According to reports, the offer was a 28 percent premium over the stock's closing price. In a transaction valued at $130 billion, it seems like an offer Qualcomm can't refuse.

Of course, things change everyday -- especially in technology. But if the deal goes through, it would be the largest acquisition in tech history.

AT&T/Time Warner Deal Could Still Face Suit From Trump Administration

In some things, we have no choice -- like the weather, aging, and cable companies.

At least, that is true most of the time. You can always move to a warmer climate.

When it comes to AT&T's proposed purchase of Time Warner, Inc., however, it looks like same old, same old. The government may sue to block it, but chances are high that AT&T will ultimately reign.

Boeing to Acquire Company Building Flying Cars

For Boeing, the future is now.

The aviation giant took two steps into the future by acquiring a flying car company and launching a hybrid-electric commuter aircraft. Boeing is buying Aurora Flight Sciences and funding Zunum Aero as it moves forward with evolving technologies in aviation.

It's an exciting time for the future of air travel -- especially for commuters and general counsel who are along for the ride.

Being in house means being there through thick and thin. When a corporate disaster strikes, or there's a merger, that's when you may truly be tested, or just left out in the cold in your European sports car having to find another ten to four to call your own.

Generally, there are two ways to approach big changes and corporate disasters: You can either keep your head down in hopes of avoiding the culling, or you can lift your chin up, put your best foot forward, and try to influence where the chips will fall.

When companies reach a certain size, being hip, trendy, or popular often can seem out of reach. Corporate governance and cool just cannot mutually exist, as a GC or in house, you know it's your job to be the bad guy and say "no." 

Despite generating revenue and profits hand over fist, major companies often seek to buyout small companies that are hip or trending in order to absorb the company's consumer base and growing brand. However, when a major corporation buys out a trending small to midsize business, the loyal consumers can often be left feeling betrayed. Like when musical artists sign with a major label, trendy, popular small businesses can often face backlash for "selling out."

FTC Lets Amazon-Whole Foods Merger Go Forward

Why would anyone buy their groceries from an online retailer?

Amazon has about 13.7 billion reasons. The online company is closing a deal to purchase Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion and is kicking off its new ownership by slashing prices the same day.

The massive double-sale occurs on Monday at 470 stores, crossing more states than the last solar eclipse. The company isn't telling its new prices, but says Amazon Prime members will get even bigger discounts.