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"If you were in the Museum Collections Building (bldg 2C) between the year 2000 and June 18, 2018, you were 'exposed' to uranium by OSHA's definition." Not exactly something you want to hear after your vacation to the Grand Canyon, but that's what the park's health and safety manager is claiming.

Elston "Swede" Stephenson says radioactivity readings gathered by Park Service officials on three buckets of stones believed to be uranium specimens appeared to be hundreds of times higher than federal exposure thresholds.

When to Sue for a Chemical Burn

Dozens of workers every year suffer chemical burns on the job. And the products we use and businesses we frequent often contain or use dangerous chemicals. So, if you're one of the people who suffers a chemical burn, when (and who) can you sue?

That will largely depend on the circumstances of your case. Here's a look:

With all the winter weather most of the country has been getting blasted with, chances are you've hit the slopes already. And with no snow letup in sight, you might be headed back. So, be careful out there.

But, accidents happen. Most of us are aware of the risks that come with skiing, but every now and then an accident isn't just an accident, and someone else is at fault. When that happens on the ski slopes, who's responsible and what can you do about it? Here's what you need to know about skiing injuries and legal liability.

Lime Sued for Scooter Accident, Leaving Woman in Vegetative State

While motorized scooters have provided a quick and easy way to get around, they have also resulted in new ways for people to get injured. One person who was injured while using a Lime scooter is Ashanti Jordan of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ashanti wasn't wearing a helmet when she collided with a car and was thrown about 100 feet. According to her family members, the accident has left her in a persistent vegetative state. Now, Ashanti's mother is suing Lime for her daughter's injuries.

E-cigarettes and other vape devices were billed as being more healthy than regular tobacco cigarettes. And while the jury is still out as far as well-functioning devices are concerned, e-cigs have been exploding in our faces pretty much since their inception.

In one of the more recent cases, 24-year-old Texan William Brown was killed after shrapnel from an e-cigarette explosion peppered his skull and severed his left carotid artery. So, what happens, legally, after these tragedies?

For parents and school kids, the thought of being cyberbullied can be frightening, and knowing what to do when it happens can be confusing and difficult.

One Texas parent, after his son was subjected to cruel cyberbullying that turned into a big problem at school, has turned to the newly enacted David's Law, and filed a lawsuit against the cyberbullies and their parents.

Slip and fall accidents do occur, and the injuries sustained during and after a legitimate fall can be serious. But not all slip and fall claims are legit. And one example from New Jersey showed just how illegitimate some slip and fall lawsuits are, and absolutely what you should never do.

Alexander Goldinsky was caught on film faking a slip and fall while working as an independent contractor for a company in Woodbridge. And now Goldinsky has been arrested and charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception for fraudulently filing an insurance claim relating to his faked fall.

Rand Paul Awarded $580K for Injuries After Neighbor's Attack

Sen. Rand Paul's neighbor has been ordered to pay $580,000 in damages and medical expenses after losing the lawsuit Paul brought against him for injuries sustained when he tackled Paul over lawn maintenance issues at their shared property line. This award was on top of the 30 days the neighbor had to spend in jail plus a $10,000 fine and 100 hours of community service after pleading guilty for attacking a member of Congress, even though the argument was over grass and not weed.

Urban farming has given way to urban livestock ownership, and now every hippie and hipster in your neighborhood has chickens, bees, and maybe a goat or two. Which is all well and good for the decrease in their food bill every month, but what about the increase in noise and odor coming from their backyards?

The good news is that you may be able to file a nuisance lawsuit to address the problem. The bad news is that such claims are not always easy.

Another former staffer has dirt to spill on President Donald Trump. And the president again promises legal action, claiming the staffer violated a confidentiality agreement. While Trump is notorious for threatening lawsuits that never materialize, and his administration's non-disclosure agreements have been deemed potentially unenforceable and illegal, could this be the time that Trump actually sues, and the alleged NDA is enforced?

Here's a look.