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Berkeley Must Face Class Action by Protesters

The city of Berkeley, its police chief, and several of its police officers, will be required to face a class action lawsuit brought by protesters that were injured at a recent city council meeting. Though some of the charges brought were dropped, U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White kept alive claims that the Berkeley police chief failed to enforce the police department's own rules for policing demonstrations. These rules were recently adopted after violent tactics were used against demonstrators for Black Lives Matter back in 2014. Apparently, police used those same outlawed tactics against those protesting the city's SWAT team training and weapons expo, while in the presence of Police Chief Andrew Greenwood.

Sometimes we need to change doctors. Sometimes a medical condition needs to go to an expert. And sometimes, a medical emergency prevents us from giving our complete medical history to the doctors and nurses treating us. In any case, the quality of health care that we receive is only as good as the accuracy of our medical records.

And while it may be impossible to calculate exactly how many errors are  hidden in our medical histories, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology estimates that nearly 1 in 10 people who access their medical records online end up requesting that they be corrected. So how do you find out if your medical records are accurate? And how do you correct them if they're not?

Christmas Shopper Wins $3M Lawsuit for Escalator Toe Injury

Aisha Siddiqui won a jury verdict of $3 million in her personal injury lawsuit against a mall owner and escalator manufacturer after her right big toe was "crushed and shredded" during a Christmas shopping trip in Arkansas last year.

Siddiqui was riding down an escalator at the Park Plaza mall, when her boot got caught and pulled into the moving escalator. Her right big toe was caught in the escalator's teeth, turning it into "hamburger meat," according to her attorney, Denise Hoggard. Medical responders hoped to reattach the toe, and therefore couldn't use pain killing medication during the agonizing and protracted rescue. In the end, the toe couldn't be saved.

Accidents and injuries happen every day. And often, people don't seek compensation for their injuries because they are worried about the cost of an injury claim, or they think whatever they might get paid won't be worth the time and effort. While this may be the case in some instances, it's not always true.

So how much does it cost to bring a personal injury lawsuit, and how do you know if it will be worth it? Here's what you need to know.

Some deaths feel accidental, tragic, unavoidable. And some others feel so easily preventable. Malfunctions and accidents happen, but we hope that the systems we put in place to protect us from those inevitable dangers will work. And when they don't, we want to hold them accountable.

So it's understandable that a person might expect a home security system, one that promised to alert authorities in case of alarm, wouldn't ignore two warnings and unanswered calls and "inexplicably" clear an incident, especially when that incident is a deadly house fire. But that's what happened to Elizabeth Frost, who died of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning after a fire in her home. So, is the home security system to blame?

Mother Sues for $60M After Child Died in ICE Custody

There's nothing more tragic than the death of a child, but this death has an added element of tragedy.

Two weeks after entering an ICE facility, and immigrant child died. The child's mother is now suing for $60 million.

Party Bus Sued for Fatal Shooting in Santa Monica

After a party bus evening went tragically wrong last year, numerous plaintiffs have filed suit against the party bus company and the city of Santa Monica. Plaintiffs are suing over the shooting death of De'Ommie de la Cruz, including the deceased family as well as friends that witnessed the shooting. They are seeking unspecified damages.

Family Sues Mexico Resort for Daughter's Drowning

A family vacation in Mexico turned deadly for one Wisconsin family, and they've filed a wrongful death lawsuit in a Florida civil court to not only uncover the truth of that fateful day, but also to recover costs and damages. Though none of this will bring back their vibrant 20-year-old daughter, they hope it will help save the lives of future travelers and loved ones.

Can a Dating Site Be Sued If Your Date Turns Dangerous?

It's hard to meet people these days, which is undoubtedly why there are so many dating apps currently on the market. But what if something goes wrong, like really wrong. Can you sue a dating app or website if your date turns out to be dangerous? Unfortunately, the answer may surprise you.

Lawsuit: Police Searched Wrong House, Cause $9K Damage

We've all heard stories of mistaken identity, but this is the case of a house's mistaken identity. One family is suing the police department for searching the wrong residence described in a search warrant.