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Disability Rights Activists Sue Bird, Lime Scooters

Electric scooter rental companies have been hit with numerous suits over the last few years, but few will be as hard for the companies to handle as the new crop of disability suits. Recently, a class action was filed against the City of San Diego, Lime, Bird, and Razor for violating the rights of disabled people through the public's use of their e-scooters. Can the courts come up with a better solutions than the defendants have? Or have the lines in the sand finally been drawn?

Anti-Autism Bias Case Against Disney Revived

An 11th Circuit Court has overruled the summary judgment motion granted to Disney in 30 federal lawsuits alleging Disney has violated its duty to autistic children at its amusement parks. This ruling will give plaintiffs an opportunity to have their claims heard in court.

Now that the World Health Organization considers 'gaming disorder' a mental health disorder, you might be wondering what that means for you and your Overwatch addiction. Does that mean that a weekend spent gaming classifies as a disability? Does that mean your employer is required to provide you with a reasonable accommodation? Can everyone bring their PlayStation 4 to the office now?

Here's what you need to know.

Michael Trimble should be the kind of success story any employer would be proud to have. Born in Chernobyl, Ukraine, Trimble had his deformed arms removed at birth, yet he got a "temp-to-hire" position in the human resources department at Kroger's Oregon offices. Without hands, Trimble uses his feet for typing and fine motor activities, and quickly became one of the office's star employees.

But instead of championing Trimble's achievements, one supervisor began making odd requests, specifically that Trimble carry his bike, which he used for transportation to and from work, up flights of stairs or push it through a back courtyard. And when Trimble pushed back against such requests, he was fired.

The Telegraph is reporting that the World Health Organization will be updating its definition of "infertile" to include single men and women with no medical issues who have been unable to find a suitable sexual partner or sufficient sexual relationships which could achieve conception. Previously, men and women had to demonstrate 12 months of unprotected sex without conception to classify as infertile.

This may seem like a simple shift, and one that could even have the added benefit of giving gay men and women the same priority access to in vitro fertilization resources as heterosexual couples. But not everyone is happy about taking social conditions into account when changing global medical standards, especially those that could alter access to public healthcare funds.

If you are on SSDI and are considering filing a lawsuit or pursuing an injury claim, you may be concerned about how a settlement or court award could impact your receipt of benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program designed to assist disabled individuals that are unable to work by providing those individuals with an income source.

While SSDI will want to know if you have received wages, the general rule is that an injury settlement or court award for an injury case are not wages, UNLESS a portion of that award is meant to compensate you specifically for lost wages. Also, it should be noted that if you receive punitive or exemplary damages, or any interest on the award, these may also be concerned as unearned income.

Does My Child Qualify for SSI Disability?

Government benefit programs exist to help society’s most vulnerable in times of difficulty. Many of us are familiar with social security disability insurance (SSDI) because we pay a portion of our earnings into the system. That is different from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. These SSI payments are available to adults and children and unrelated to employment.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), children who are disabled and growing up in a home with little or no income and resources are eligible for social security income. Let’s take a look at eligibility requirements and the application process for obtaining benefits for disabled children.

Mental illness and disability can be especially hard for employers to identify and accommodate for, and people with cognitive disabilities have just a 24.2 percent employment rate. And if you are unable to work due to mental cognitive impairments, anxiety related impairments, or affective impairments, you may find it difficult to prove a Social Security Disability Insurance claim.

While proving a mental disability can be a challenge, it’s not impossible. Here’s how to do it:

Employment opportunities for people with disabilities are increasing — more offices and workplaces are offering accommodations to employees with disabilities, and more employers are willing to hire prospective employees with disabilities.

But it’s not easy: people with disabilities are twice as likely to live in poverty and the employment rate for people with disabilities is less than half that for people without. So which states are better at offering people with disabilities employment opportunities? And which are worse?

Social Security Disability Insurance FAQs

So you have been paying into Social Security for years. Unfortunately, you need something from the system because you’re disabled and cannot return to work. But you don’t know much about benefits or how to get them. Here are ten frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability Insurance and how to apply.