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Maybe it was the pace of the news cycle, or maybe we've all got a little case of senior-itis, looking forward to summer, but the month of May seemed to fly by. But the biggest news of the month didn't go unnoticed by our followers on social media.

FindLaw has amazing Facebook and Twitter communities, and when we post the biggest legal stories, they let us know which ones matter the most to them. So, which stories were our Facebook followers engaging with the most this May? Here's a look:

FindLaw has a great community of Facebook and Twitter followers, who engage with our content and always let us know which legal topics matter most to them. And each week we'll highlight the Facebook posts that garner the most attention from our friends on Facebook.

So, what did people want to learn the most about this week? How to do legal filings yourself, how to do Spring Break without legal trouble, and how much trouble you could get into if you don't pay your taxes. Here's a look:

FindLaw has, for a while now, been the best source of legal information on the internet. And a big part of what makes us so great is our social media presence. We can bring you the latest legal developments in real time via Facebook and Twitter, and we can engage with our followers on the most relevant legal matters.

Here are the five stories our followers found most interesting this week, based on our Facebook engagement:

FindLaw is already your best online source for legal information, and it's looking even better this week. With an eye towards our mobile legal consumers, FindLaw rolled out a sharp new redesign for its Learn About the Law and Legal Directory sites. The updated look features a clean white background, easy to navigate iconography for links, and the bold orange of parent company Thomson Reuters.

The new site obviously looks great, but here's a deeper look into our redesign and how it will benefit our customers.

George Khoury, Esq. recently began his new role as senior writer for FindLaw's legal professional blogs. George is an experienced civil rights attorney based in San Francisco. He joined FindLaw in 2016 as a writer for the consumer blogs team, covering topics such as child custody, property line disputes, age discrimination, and drone regulations. His new role will focus on discussing issues relevant to law students, small law firms, and in-house lawyers.

To get to know our new senior LP writer a little better, here's a Q and A with George Khoury:

FindLaw offers more than 40 newsletters covering everything from circuit court rulings, to amusing legal news, to the latest in legal technology. If you want to get the latest legal information delivered straight to your email, FindLaw newsletters are the place to go.

Now, FindLaw is launching "What the L?" -- its newest newsletter offering that serves as a digest of the best content and resources curated specifically for law students.

We like to maintain a robust social media presence, which means we tweet. A lot. Last year we tweeted over 4,000 times. And some of those Twitter posts resonated with our followers a bit more than others.

Here are our five most clicked-on tweets of 2016:

Huge political moments spawn a myriad of legal questions. And this presidential election was a huge political moment. The campaign itself sparked questions ranging from Canadian immigration to executive orders, defamation lawsuits to the Second Amendment. So what were FindLaw readers searching for come Election Day?

Here's a look ...

Here at FindLaw, the details matter.

We're not just talking about the legal nuances our readers depend on us for, we're talking the tiny, editorial subtleties most people are likely to overlook -- because even when you're dealing with millions of pages of content, the small things still matter. Here's how FindLaw finds pleasure in the details and a quick overview of some of the small, small changes you might notice throughout the site.

In this Insider series, we're highlighting FindLaw employees who have been with the company the longest. Today we're excited to feature Lorna Beich, who joined FindLaw in 2003. She currently serves as the company's User Support Specialist.