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US News & World Report Cites FindLaw Marriage Survey

US News and World Report published an article last week for brides-to-be called How to Plan your Wedding and Keep Your Job. The article cited FindLaw's recent press release that found 21% of young couples are deferring their wedding until economic times are better.

No matter when you plan to have your big day, there are legal issues to consider as part of the process. Here are some legal matters for you to take care of while planning your wedding:

11 Ways to Stay Safe Online & Protect Your Privacy

Nearly everyone is using the internet these days to find information or connect with others. But surfing the web can still sometimes feel like the Wild West. Despite technological advances to help reduce the risk of identity theft, becoming the victim of an internet scam or having your privacy invaded is a persistent threat. And, as a number of recent incidents involving social networking websites have shown us, it can even be fatal
Keeping your guard up is essential to avoid trouble on the internet. Here are eleven tips from to help you stay safe online: