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FindLaw Launches New Consumer TV Ad

FindLaw is pleased to announce the launch of its new television ad campaign. The 30-second consumer advertisement -- created in collaboration with FindLaw's parent company Thomson Reuters -- is called "Life Gets Legal" and is a humorous look at the kinds of legal issues that crop up in daily life.

The ad is slated to run for the next several weeks. Keep an eye out for it if you are in the Altanta area, or you can watch and share it from YouTube:

FindLaw to Launch New Consumer TV Ad

FindLaw will soon launch a new branded television campaign.The 30-second spot, called "Life Gets Legal", will be playing regionally in the Atlanta market and target consumers who have legal needs in their everyday lives.

The theme of the FindLaw ad is reinforced in a humorous way as an average guy's life gets legal and he turns to for help.The advertisment will demonstrate the range of legal issues that can surface in everyday life situations for any consumer.

The new ad spot also showcases FindLaw's newly designed logo, which follows the Thomson Reuters brand and guidelines (FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters business). The new logo was recently rolled-out on and will be the new brand identity across the company. is Hiring - The leading source of intelligent legal information for consumers & legal professionals - is seeking a Web Architect in its Sunnyvale, California location. FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters business with a global presence.


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