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Did You Know's Average User is 42 and Female?

It's a fact that's greatest asset is you - our consumer audience. But have you ever wondered what the average user really looks like?

Well, we've thought about it. In fact, we think knowing a bit about your background helps us better provide you with the most useful, practical information we can.

We've learned that most of you are women between 35 and 54 years old, educated, employed and own your own home. Clearly a smart solid bunch. We figured this much out through independent research, surveys, and use of online analytic tools.

Don't Miss FindLaw's New Crop of Medical Marijuana Resources

New marijuana laws are cropping up all over the country. While recreational pot use remains illegal, medical marijuana laws have changed the legal landscape in states around the country.

We here at Insider have previously discussed how hot marijuana is these days. We want to keep you informed of the laws before they go up in smoke, so to speak.

All of you FindLaw users certainly remain interested. "Marijuana" consistently ranks among FindLaw's most searched legal terms, falling behind only "divorce" and "curfew." (Hmm, any connection here?)

Since most of you are looking at ways to stay current on marijuana legal trends, we're here to clear the air.

FindLaw's RSS Feeds Deliver Customized Case Law Updates

There was a time when you had to search for case law by scanning dozens of online court databases or legal services websites. Well, those days are over.

Now the law can come to you automatically! FindLaw's new RSS case law feeds provide a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date on new cases in one convenient place.

Whether you have a blooming interest in the law or just want to follow how justice plays out in the courts -- we've got an RSS feed for you.

FindLaw Newsletter Survey: The Results Are In!

Attention FindLaw newsletter subscribers: We asked, and you delivered.

The results of our 2011 newsletter survey are in -- and some may surprise you!

Last month, we sent a survey to FindLaw newsletter readers asking for feedback on a number of topics in an effort to enhance your experience with FindLaw newsletters.

We received a broad set of answers from thousands of respondents. Did you know most readers read FindLaw newsletters during work hours, for instance? Here is some of what we learned about how you interact with FindLaw:

Have You Seen FindLaw's Shiny New Scribd Page?

What happens when you connect the world's most popular free legal website with the web's most popular social reading site?

You get front row access to tons of select legal documents on Scribd.

Not familiar with Scribd? You should be. It's like "YouTube for documents" on steroids.

5 Fun Facts About FindLaw: We Were Mentioned on 'Hellcats?'

In 1995, FindLaw began as a small list of Internet resources for law librarians in northern California. Created by two attorneys in a small two-bedroom apartment in Silicon Valley, the goal was to provide cases, statutes, and other legal resources for workshop participants.

When the response to the material was so great, the team decided to share it with students, businesses, lawyers, and other individuals who were looking for free legal information.

Today, more than 4 million visitors frequent the site each month for free legal information and access to attorney listings - making FindLaw the most popular free legal site on the web!

How's that for innovation?