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FindLaw's Fireworks Content is About to Blow Up

Independence Day is this weekend and nothing signifies the national birthday celebration more than a fireworks show.

From large scale productions to sparklers in the street, firework season is in full force throughout the country.

Keeping up with all things current, we want to highlight our fireworks content with information on everything from local laws and regulations to blogs on the best way to keep your firework experience safe and enjoyable.

FindLaw for Legal Professionals on Facebook

Thousands of legal professionals rely on FindLaw everyday to look up cases, statutes and legal information. Now all those attorneys, paralegals and law students have another place to meet up and interact with FindLaw: on Facebook.

We are excited to announce that the site now has a Facebook presence with the newly launched FindLaw for Legal Professionals page!

Help Yourself to FindLaw's Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms

Time is money, we know. But did you know that you can save time and money using FindLaw Legal Forms? We're not talking just any forms product. FindLaw has partnered with industry leaders LegalZoom and U.S. Legal Forms to offer loads of do-it-yourself legal documents that could save you a lot of money over the cost of an attorney.

Yep, we have forms to suit the average person's legal needs, in addition to those used by legal professionals. Also, for legal matters that require multiple forms to execute, we offer essential legal forms packages -- such as landlord-tenant, LLC formation, and marriage -- so you can get even more savings and value.

How to Ask FindLaw Answers a Question That's Likely to Get Answered

We know you have pressing real-world legal questions, and the FindLaw Answers community wants to help you sort them out.

You may wonder where to get information about a specific family issue, or just need to know the best way to handle a noisy neighbor.

But what good is asking a question on FindLaw Answers if it doesn't catch the attention of someone who can actually help you answer it?

We want your question to rise to the top and get answered quickly by someone who is able to shed some light on your situation.

To that end, here are some tips for creating the kind of question that is most likely to get answered on FindLaw Answers.

5 Confusing Criminal Law Terms in Need of Clarification

Criminal law can get complicated. If you ever find yourself on shaky grounds with the law, can help you out. No, we can't come to your aid while a big drunk guy starts a fight with you at a bar, but we can point you in the right direction.

We're sure there are plenty of times when you've wanted to ask someone:

"When can I conduct a citizen's arrest?" or "Can I plead the 5th Amendment to the police?"

This stuff is confusing, we know. But fear not, as has an abundance of criminal law articles, blogs, and FAQs you can turn to. With that, here are 5 often-confusing criminal law terms and where to go for clarification: