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FindLaw's New and Improved Employment Law Sections

Up-to-date content is not only important to us, it's our job. Here at FindLaw, our attorney writers are constantly updating and adding to our Learn About The Law content to ensure that our readers get the information they need when legal issues arise.

One content center that has received a recent makeover is the FindLaw Employment Law section. It's filled with information for any type of employment issue you may encounter. 

Listen, we realize employment issues can be emotionally charged. That's why our content is written to inform and empower our readers to understand their legal options.

When a Legal Issue Arises on the Go, Turn to FindLaw Mobile

Legal questions don't always arise while you're sitting in front of a computer. Here at FindLaw, we know that life happens on the go and so do your legal questions and other legal needs.

That's why we make it easy to access useful legal content  and our comprehensive attorney directory on various platforms wherever and whenever that may be.

That's why we have created and keep improving FindLaw Mobile.

FindLaw Mobile allows users to access FindLaw's  Learn About the Law information and attorney directory  on their iPhone or Android phone.

The Summer's Top 5 Strangest Blog Posts

Here at FindLaw, we cover all things legal. Whether breaking down the elements of a crime or providing legal commentary on a breaking story, we are passionate about pointing out the legal angles inherent in everyday life.

This also applies to the legally strange.

We provide legal insight and explanation on downright silly behavior, lawsuits and arrests on our many legal blogs. Our attorney bloggers have had an interesting summer covering some bizarre people, places and events in the news and informing our readers of the legal issues and consequences that apply.

Here are few of the strangest for you.

Check Our New Technology Events Listings for Legal Professionals

Conferences, webinars and other events are a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest in any industry. But these kinds of events are particularly helpful for those in the legal profession. Busy schedules and rapidly changing commitments make it hard to keep track of upcoming CLE opportunities, events and conferences. With this new page, we take care of hunting down the best events for you!

We understand how quickly legal technology changes, so we have recently updated our Legal Technology Events and Conferences Page to keep our legal professional users abreast of all the relevant upcoming legal technology-focused events. The newly-updated page is a one-stop location that covers all legal technology events on a national and regional level.

It's important for you to stay up-to-date with the technology that affects your legal practice. We get it. That's why we're dedicated to constantly relaying this information to you in a comprehensive and easy-to-access format.

Do You Have a Will? FindLaw's Got Everything You Need

Most Americans don't have a will. Do you? Although the number of individuals without a will is highest among young people, the fact that 55% of Americans die without anything dictating the manner in which their possessions will be distributed is completely unnecessary.

The sad reality of the situation is that many people lack even a basic will, leaving their loved ones in a difficult situation and their belongings being distributed according to the law, not their wishes. That does not have to be the case, especially when looking at all the great content has on the subject.