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Here's Hoping My Boss Comes to Work as a Geisha

What does your boss wear to work, chinos? A skirt or maybe a shirt with a collar? Pretty standard stuff.

Ah, but on Halloween all bets are off.

It's the one day of the year your boss could roll in dressed as a gypsy or Marilyn Monroe.

I mean, who doesn't love seeing an employee dressed up as an Angry Bird while attending a serious meeting?!? This girl certainly does.

I know what you're thinking: Show me some of FindLaw Sunnyvale's best Halloween costumes already. OK then, here ya go.

Who is Pierre Zado? FindLaw's Man of Many Resources

Back then they didn't want me

Now I'm hot they all on me.

I'm Pierre Za-do

Don't act like you don't know the name!

-- Pierre Zado, FindLaw Answers team lead and rap aficionado.

Even if you've never heard a beat of rap, you can relate to Pierre Zado, our man behind FindLaw Answers. I mean, he can recite Mike Jones' phone number immortalized in his rags to riches rap song "Back Then:"

"281. 33-Oh. 800-Foh. Hit Pierre up on the low, 'Cuz PZ about to blow!"

He certainly is. So Insider fans, here is Pierre Zado, starring in his own rap production entitled: "Who is Pierre Zado?"

Introducing Jobs The FindLaw Goose

What would you do if you got to your desk in the morning and there was a large plastic goose staring at you? That's right....a goose.

Well, here at FindLaw's Sunnyvale office, you never know when such a visitor may pay you a visit. 

Allow us to introduce Jobs the FindLaw Goose. Seeking refuge from the cold weather often found in our Eagan, Minnesota office, Jobs has been commuting between California and Minnesota lately.

That all may change, though, as he seems quite happy in his new home: Northern California. Can you blame the guy? Jobs has taken full advantage of all that California has to offer... check out where he has hung out thus far:

Answer's Top Contributors Now Have Gold, Silver, & Bronze Badges

We at FindLaw know your time is valuable. There is a lot of information out there. But at FindLaw Answers, it's as simple as posting your question in our community and waiting to hear back from our users.

Still, what if you could see which users were answering all of the questions? What if you were able to tell right away if a top contributor responded to your question?

Well now you can! Introducing our brand new FindLaw Answers Contributor Badges.

Three FindLaw Blogs You Should be Reading

It's no secret that has it all. Part of the reason our site is so comprehensive is because we know that our users come to looking for a variety of things. You come for case law, news or legal information, and we work hard to ensure that our site contains everything you are looking for!

One area of our website that is constantly being updated is our consumer and legal professional-facing blogs. Whether looking to be informed on the latest information on a general topic such as crime or personal injury or looking to find a blog that is written specifically for and about your metropolitan area, our blogs are a great legal resource to read the story and find out the legal issues involved.

So while you may frequently monitor blogs like Injured or FindLaw Blotter, we'd like to showcase some of our other blogs. You may just have an addition to your RSS feed on your hands. Now, in no particular order, here are three FindLaw blogs you should be reading: