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How Attorneys Can Take Advantage of FindLaw Answers

Who says technology makes things easier? Ok, well lots of people, but lawyers do not necessarily fall into that category. Ask most lawyers and they will tell you that keeping up with all of the trends and complexities associated with technology can be a job in itself.

Whether marketing, networking, or promoting a law firm, the rapid development of online advertising is making it harder for attorneys to differentiate themselves from the competition. Attorneys should therefore be open-minded about exploring other forms of media to attract clients -- and that's where FindLaw Answers comes in.

The Fashionable, Extremely Neat Life of Tanya Roth

The strike of a Louboutin stiletto can only signal one thing here at FindLaw: Tanya Roth

Our beloved Hyper Local blog editor turns the halls of FindLaw into a veritable runway of the latest high-end fashion finds five days a week. Combined with her enviable collection of vintage finds, she has certainly nailed the laws of fashion.

Luckily, Tanya's love for cheap Mexican food can fuel her weekly trips to San Francisco's Saks Fifth Avenue where she has her "shoe guy," Dave, on speed dial.

Tanya is a "valley girl." Silicon Valley that is. This third-generation Bay Area native is an interesting case study in who comes to work for FindLaw.

Check out some of these other facts about Ms. Tanya:

The Law Firm Management Center is Your One-Stop Law Firm Resource

Law school is enjoyable but demanding. You'd think after three years of hitting the books and participating in internships, externships, mock trials and everything in between newly-minted esquires would be ready to hit the ground running.


Very few attorneys, new or old, actually know how to manage a law firm. I know coming out of law school I knew nothing about legal fees and everything about famous (and mostly deceased) Supreme Court Justices. Sure our research skills are stellar, but very few attorneys know the business side of running a law practice.

Enter FindLaw's newly re-launchedLaw Firm Management Center.