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The Top 5 Most Shared FindLaw Blog Posts

Here at, we write a lot of blogs. Tons. Between the consumer and legal professional channels, hundreds are produced every single week.

Our blog posts run the gamut: From everyday legal issues to absurd fact patterns. And luckily for us, you like to share our content. Here is a look at five of our most shared FindLaw blog posts of late:

1. Fake Doctor, 81, Offers Door to Door Breast Exams -- Is it the fake doctor aspect? The fact that he was 81? Or the door-to-door approach to breaking the law that inspired so many people to share this legally weird post with their friends? You decide!

2. Man Set Taco Bell on Fire Over The Meat In His Chalupa -- When hunger strikes, best not to strike a match. One Georgia man was so upset about his inadequate fast food order he took to arson to show his anger.

3. Top 10 Legal Facts Every Blogger Should Know -- Anyone can blog these days, but do you know your legal rights when it comes to limiting and protecting your content? Read up!

Did You Know You Can Sue for Losing Out on Sex?

Americans love to sue each other. We sue over just about anything and everything.

But did you know you can sue for alienation of affection? How about loss of consortium? (Hint: they both relate to sex.)

Don't worry if you don't know about these legal causes of actions. Most people probably can't define legal consortium either.

If you ever need information on a strange case, we've got your back. Here at FindLaw, we don't just deal with the marquee lawsuits. We cover a broad array of legal issues and doctrines here, people. 

If it's a law, we got a corps of in house attorney writers digging up stuff people haven't yet heard about... but will someday.

Your Legal News Beat: FindLaw's Legal Pulse

Let’s face it, you’re busy. And while you want to keep up with all the legal news around you, what you really want is to keep up with the legal news that’s important to you. Meet FindLaw Legal Pulse. Legal Pulse is the dynamic new way to get your news.

Much more than just bringing you news, Legal Pulse covers a broad range of law-related content including: Supreme Court decisions, legislative updates, FindLaw blog posts and even a real-time Twitter commentary stream featuring attorneys from around the country. Both legal professionals and consumers alike can enjoy their daily dose of news just how they like it!