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Remember when "food truck" was just a nicer way of saying "roach coach?" No disrespect to roaches; but mobile eateries typically were limited to unpretentious tacos, plastic-wrapped tuna sandwiches and -- if you happen to be feasting at a state fair -- deep-fried Twinkies or anything sold on a stick.

Oh how times have changed.

Nowadays, on any given weekday around lunch time, you'll find food trucks parked near FindLaw's Sunnyvale office dishing up such haute cuisine as grass-fed beef burgers with maple syrup-glazed bacon and grilled shrimp sandwiches with parsley and garlic sauce. You'll even find tacos, some traditional, some with an Asian twist.

And we're just getting warmed up.

420 is the Unofficial Marijuana Holiday, But it's Still Largely Illegal

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana have been big legal issues for years now. Each side of the legalization debate chimes in with the pros and cons of the plant.

So whether you celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday on 4/20 or not, FindLaw has a wealth of marijuana-related legal information for everyone.

Here at FindLaw we aim to provide reliable legal information on major legal issues as well as on those issues of interest to our readers. So if partaking in 4/20 interests you, you should be aware of some of the legal consequences you could face: 

Whenever you've got questions, we've got answers -- FindLaw Answers, that is.

When life gets legal, our community of legal professionals can help steer you in the right direction. Most questions involve things like obtaining child support or fighting a traffic ticket. But sometimes we get some very interesting fact patterns on our message boards. 

Here are the top five from the past year: has a serious tennis rivalry. Just as we have talented people working on, there are some seriously skilled tennis players in our midst. 

So who is the Sunnyvale office's top dog?

Maybe Steve Noel, FindLaw's Vice President of Strategic Development and Audience, was just being modest when he was asked that very question recently. 

The tennis ace was reluctant to speak of his exploits. He instead talked up Core Consumer Content Editor Caleb Groos and Senior Content Specialist Javier Lavagnino:

"In general, I think the majority of the story should be focused on Caleb's tennis apparel and Javier's backhand."

What follows is bunch of glad handing by FindLaw's Top 4 tennis stars.'s Hometown Named America's Most Inventive City

It's no secret that FindLaw does some very cool things. But did you know's hometown of Sunnyvale, California was named America's Most Inventive City?

That's right, the same city that houses the brilliant minds that come together to produce has a lot going for it. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is surrounded by established companies as well as many up and coming startups. 

It's a perfect combination for innovation.