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The 5 Most Interesting Questions on FindLaw Answers

By Steven Tanner on April 17, 2012 7:02 AM

Whenever you've got questions, we've got answers -- FindLaw Answers, that is.

When life gets legal, our community of legal professionals can help steer you in the right direction. Most questions involve things like obtaining child support or fighting a traffic ticket. But sometimes we get some very interesting fact patterns on our message boards. 

Here are the top five from the past year:

1. Firing a Weapon Into an Occupied Vehicle:

"Badagirll" said she was shot at twice from a passing car while driving to work, so she decided to return fire. Nevertheless, the retaliatory gunshot resulted in an arrest and incarceration.

The question of "What am I [to] do?" was succinctly answered by GuessAgain: "Get a lawyer."

2. Bestiality Porn:

"Before anyone starts thinking I'm a pervert..." is how "Jst_curious" began his inquiry. The Washington resident wanted to know if he was in violation of bestiality laws for a visiting brother's appetite for "animal porn."

"FindLaw_John" ably handled such a delicate question. He provided a summary of Washington's legal definition of "sexually explicit material" and links to related information.

3. Standing Your Ground or Animal Cruelty?:

South Carolina resident "charlie_1627" claimed a strange dog was harassing his own dog, which was chained up in the yard, so he got a BB gun and "shot the dog a couple times" after failing to shoo the dog away. The strange dog belonged to his neighbor, who witnessed the shooting and called the police. He was told he would be charged with animal cruelty.

"The dog was not on a leash and came into my yard, and my dog was on a leash. I was protecting my property. Am I right?" charlie_1627 asked.

Answers contributor "pg1067" responded by asking, "Are you right about what?" and said he probably does not have a viable defense to an animal cruelty charge.

4. Cat Smell at Work:

"KatLangley78" said she was harassed and eventually fired for smelling like cats. She said she had several cats in her home, which she shared with a roommate. But she claims to have gone to great lengths to clean up (and cover up) the smell. The full query should be read to fully understand how it played out.

"I feel like I've been discriminated against because I have cats," she said, asking if she has any legal recourse. It's an unfortunate situation, to be sure. But, alas, cat owners are not a protected class.

5. Exercise as Punishment:

A Tennessee father going by the handle "13fty1981" wanted to know if it was okay to use military-style exercises, like pushups, as punishment. He says his kids' grandmother believes it is illegal, meaning she probably just doesn't want to see her dear grandchildren dropping and giving him 20.

"Please advise me on a legal way to discipline my children," he requested (emphasis added), perhaps just looking for justification to appease his mother-in-law. Asking for an effective way to discipline one's children, of course, was beyond the FindLaw Answers community's pay grade.

We welcome all your questions on FindLaw Answers. Interesting fact patterns always seem to crop up on our active boards. Keep 'em coming!

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