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It seems a lot of car buffs out there like the look of their cars "floating" down the highway atop a pillow of purple light. Perhaps you've seen cars modified with these neon (or LED) "underglow" lights before, often with other aftermarket adornments such as ornate wheel rims or tinted windows.

Depending on your point of view, they are either super-cool or super-distracting. Either way, this is one of our most consistently popular pieces of content on As one of our more popular Law & Daily Life blog posts asked nearly three years ago, "Are neon or 'underglow' car lights legal?

Well, it depends.

Sitting in the San Francisco Bay Area's famously gridlocked traffic during the morning commute can be downright maddening. I should know, since I travel 40 miles each way from my home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. But while traversing a mountain pass by bicycle is out of the question (unless I'm mountain biking for fun), pedaling to work is much more feasible for folks who already live in Silicon Valley.

Regardless, Bay Area commuters spend roughly 40 million hours idling in traffic each year, according to an article on But nearly 40 percent of Bay Area commuters work less than five miles from where they live, according to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC).

And we have fabulous weather out here in California. So some of us here at FindLaw are going to do something about it this week.

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