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It doesn’t snow in sunny Silicon Valley (save for an occasional dusting of white on our tallest mountain peaks), but come holiday time, there’s a flurry of activity here at FindLaw.

Like you, we’re all frantically trying to get our work assignments completed before Christmas, along with all of our holiday shopping.

And like you, we’re also setting aside some time to enjoy some holiday cheer with family, friends, and coworkers.

About That Holiday Party...

Last week, "20/20" ran a special segment on dos and don'ts at the office holiday party, which included the advice, "Everyone wants the office party to be memorable. Nobody wants to be the reason it was."

In the age of YouTube, office party antics are easily memorialized for posterity ... and for lawsuits. But you don't have to take our word for it. Try searching for "drunk office party" on YouTube. Behold, the casualties.

An employer who hosts an epic holiday party could be liable for his employees' antics. Employees who behave badly at the office party could lose their jobs. And everyone could get sued.

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But despite the talented roster of professionals in our Sunnyvale office, only one -- Amit Rajwani, Systems Engineer for Thomson Reuters' Internal Technology Services -- has earned superhero status (though he doesn't wear a cape or, thankfully, tights). Simply put, nothing gets done without his technological wizardry and calm demeanor.