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As we have said numerous times before, our job is to serve you. The law can be quite confusing (sometimes by design), so we here at work hard to provide you with truly useful legal information written in plain English. After all, you shouldn’t have to speak “legalese” in order to gain an understanding of your rights and obligations under various state and federal laws.

But we don’t simply tell you what we think you need to know. We listen. In fact, some of the most popular articles in our Learn About the Law section are inspired by questions from the general public. Senior Content Specialist Javier Lavagnino refers to user feedback as’s “on-the-ground connection to the legal needs of our visitors.” isn’t just the No. 1 website for legal consumers. We’re also an indispensible go-to resource for practicing lawyers and other legal professionals.

And with good reason, as nearly all of our writers and content producers were once practicing lawyers themselves, not too long ago.

Case in point: Anne O’Donnell, FindLaw’s Senior Writer for Legal Professional content and the latest lawyer to join the FindLaw family.

Last year was highlighted by new laws legalizing marijuana; a failed legal challenge to Obamacare; heated discussions over tax policy; charges of money laundering at a large bank; and a renewed debate about gun policy in the wake of several tragic mass shootings. But along the way, we Americans also managed to gawk at Kim Kardashian, laugh at various YouTube mash-ups of “Call Me Maybe,” and generally take our minds off the more troubling news stories of the year.

But at FindLaw, all that matters to us is what matters to our readers, who come to our site for actionable legal guidance. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 search terms at for 2012 (with relevant links for each):