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For many small law firms and solo practitioners, search engine optimization means simply showing up at the top of an Internet search-results list.

But to truly get the results you're after -- i.e., to turn website visitors into paid clients -- you'll need much more than a high page rank. And that's where FindLaw's lawyer marketing team can help.

Just ask Scott Shockney, one of FindLaw's senior SEO strategists. His main goal, as he describes it: to "deliver some fresh 'awesome' to the client."

Birds of a Feather: Follow FindLaw Writers on Twitter

Want to meet the person behind some of the great FindLaw blogs you enjoy reading every day? Well now you can.

For a start, meet Robyn Hagan Cain, the snarky fashionista attorney turned blogger behind some of our most popular legal professional blogs. Writing as many as nine blogs in a single day, Hagan Cain's writing process is helped along by triple-shot espressos and motivation from her beloved pooch Braxley. And you will find all that out and more when you follow her on Twitter via the link below any of her blogs.

The Learn About the Law (LATL) content team walks a fine line. We take pride in churning out authoritative, up-to-date articles and resources to help you make smart legal decisions, but we're also careful not to jump on the bandwagon just because something is popular at the moment. Our blog team does a bang-up job with breaking legal news, much of it focused on popular culture and current events.

Our corner of is more like a user manual for all things legal, which is not to say LATL content decisions cannot be informed by the headlines. The key is to spot emerging legal trends and issues that will remain relevant for a while, even as the actual news becomes tomorrow's fish-wrap.

Check this out: Law librarians with the nation's (and the world's) largest library are apparently fans of FindLaw.

How do we know this? Because the Library of Congress touted FindLaw's free legal resources in one of its latest blog posts, entitled "How to Locate Free Case Law on the Internet."

The post lists FindLaw as one of "the most prominent" free resources "for tracking down electronic case law." While three other websites were also mentioned, the librarians had the most to say about FindLaw.